Garmin is known throughout the world for its reliable GPS tracking technology. Garmin is also exceptionally famous for its wearables in recent years, matching up against other big names like Fitbit and Apple. It now has a leg up on the competition with the all-new Garmin MARQ collection.

The latest collection of tool watches from Garmin makes its official debut in conjunction with the brand’s 30th anniversary. It focuses on Garmin’s long-standing heritage in the world of automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, as well as sporting activities. Each watch is designed and engineered for a specific purpose in its related field.

Every piece in the entire Garmin MARQ collection is made out of titanium, ensuring it remains lightweight throughout. The lens is sapphire glass formed under intense heat for added durability and to top it off, a ceramic bezel to protect the watch from wear and tear. All the watches will carry certain standard features: the always-on, sunlight-readable display, daily activity and GPS tracking, and a heart-rate monitor.

All of the watches in the Garmin MARQ collection caters to your very specific needs. Be sure to scroll down to find out which watch suits your wrist.

All images courtesy of Garmin Malaysia.