Travel headphones have become a flight necessity. Whether travelling for work or leisure, one thing you can’t escape is the inevitable noise that accompanies air travel: crying babies, toddlers with tantrums, the occasional snoring adult, and then some more. It’s no surprise why travel headphones are the perfect companion to your travels.

A good pair of travel headphones should tick off these necessary boxes: lightweight, noise-cancelling, comfortable, and wireless. They need to be lightweight because you don’t need another extra electronic item weighing you down. Besides, if they’re going to spend most of the time wrapped around your neck when unused, they need to be light. Noise-cancelling is a given — it’s essential to get a pair of travel headphones with earphone fittings that cup over your entire ear comfortably. This way, the noise-cancelling feature is at its most optimum and also comfortable.

Finally, it has to be wireless. Need we make clear? Nobody has time and energy to deal with cumbersome wires getting tangled all over the place. Wireless travel headphones will be an efficient piece of tech to use — stores easily without the need for detangling. Note that we didn’t make any mention of wireless earphones. As cute and convenient as they are, they are also at risk of getting lost when travelling. You might already have your hands full with your smartphone, passport and boarding passes — add a tiny pair of wireless earphones to the mix and you risk dropping them into the ether. In the end, wireless headphones are still the way to go.

The next step now is to know which pair of travel headphones is best suited to you. Scroll down for five of our recommendations. And when you’re almost sure of which headphones to get, why not invest in a smart luggage bag next?