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Two-minute review: Unboxing the new Samsung Galaxy Watch4

I’ve had Samsung’s new smartwatch for a week — here’s a first impression and a quick breakdown.

‘Tis yet another season of new Galaxy devices — from the Galaxy Z Fold3 to the new Galaxy Buds 2, Samsung has released an extensive range of revolutionary gadgets to keep consumers excited. My pick for this lineup is the Samsung Galaxy Watch4. With all the talk about the Galaxy Watch4 being the smartwatch that would rival the Apple Watch, I was eager to put it to the test for a review.

First impressions

As someone who hasn’t donned a watch in a while, I was really excited to try it on. The Galaxy Watch4 comes in four colours: Black, Silver, Green and Pink Gold. I opted for the Black colour as I felt it best matches my other smart devices, which are all in black.

Right off the bat, the watch looks really good. Its simple design works well to its advantage, making the sleek black bands stand out. It feels super comfortable on the wrist — the bands are smooth, soft and doesn’t feel coarse at all. The Armor Aluminum metal frame might have felt a little heavy as I took it out of the box, but it is pretty lightweight when worn.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4
Image: Lifestyle Asia KL

There are two buttons on the side, which can be single-pressed or double-pressed to navigate between apps, the home button and back. The display looks great bright and crisp and colourful and the dynamic effects run smoothly.

Performance wise, the Galaxy Watch4 is fast. It takes seconds to start up, and the watch loads apps faster than most Android devices I’ve used.

Setting it up

Getting the watch set up is a breeze. After turning it on by pressing the top button on the side, the Galaxy Watch4 immediately prompts me to pair it with the Galaxy Wearable app on my phone. The smartwatch is the first to run on Google Wear OS powered by Samsung and co-designed with Google — which gives me easy access to all of the apps I regularly use.

What I find really cool about the Galaxy Watch4 is its range of watch faces, many of which are animated and adorable. I get to choose between analogue or digital watch faces with a variety of backgrounds, fonts, and colours that I feel best suits my mood that day. There are also a good number of customisations on most of them — whether I want it to be fitness-focused, and have specific widgets for my apps.

There’s even the option of using AR Emoji and Bitmoji watch faces, which puts cute avatar versions of me, but I don’t think I’ll be going for that — I find them a little grating, even on other non-Samsung devices. I do appreciate the many different watch faces and customisation options, though, and will definitely enjoy switching them from time to time.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4
Image: Samsung Malaysia

One standout feature of the Galaxy Watch4 is the new body analysis sensor, the Samsung BioActive Sensor. By simply long-pressing both buttons on the side of the watch and staying still, the watch can read my heart rate, BMI, skeletal muscle mass, water weight and body fat percentage. It estimates actual numbers, too, which got me kind of worried at first — but I appreciate having the health sensors letting me know all kinds of info about my body I admit I hadn’t paid more attention to, especially during the lockdown.

All in all, a good deal

The Galaxy Watch 4 is clearly designed to be the ultimate companion for those journeying towards health and fitness, especially with its new built-in sensor — which is something I’ll be glad to focus on more. I also love that with the Wear OS, I have easy access to all the Google apps that I use on a daily basis, so I can do a quick check on any alerts that I have with just a tap on my wrist.

I’m only a few days into trying out the smartwatch, but I’m excited to play around with it even more and get to know all its features. Keep an eye out for our full review, and do let us know if you have any questions about the new Samsung Galaxy Watch4.

To find out more about the new Galaxy Watch4 and other Samsung devices, visit samsung.com/my now.