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Two-minute review: Unboxing the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

This is a confession (and a first impression) of someone who is absolutely new to the world of Samsung devices.

As an Aries, I have very little patience to explore something new and very comfortably stick to my comfort zone. Switching from iOS to Android seems like a lot of hassle, and the very thought of it stops me right there. But life is too short to not try a new experience — especially when it is in the form of the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3!

First impressions?

The compact packaging is definitely a plus point to begin with. The Galaxy Z Fold3 comes in three colours — Phantom Silver, Phantom Black and Phantom Green. While the Phantom Green is a trendy colour, I chose the Phantom Black colour, and it is super sleek to my liking — perfect to match anything in my wardrobe if I’m taking it out or for any occasion under the roof.

On the palm, the smartphone feels lightweight. The phone is sleek and thin, with a sense of sturdiness to it. Though I was unsure at first about folding the device, the phone’s structure reassures me that it is okay. It can be ‘un-folded open into a tablet-like device or to any degree according to your screen preference.

Where the screen folds, it features a perfectly smooth curve that doesn’t interfere with the viewing experience. Whether you are reading an article on LifestyleAsia.com or watching a video on YouTube, scrolling up and down is an immersive true-definition experience — even when the phone is folded like the Galaxy Z Flip3.

However, it will take some time to fold and unfold the Galaxy Z Fold3 with conviction — I can’t even remember the last time I actually used a foldable phone. In the first few tries, I was extremely careful as I gingerly fold the phone. Try a few times to fold and unfold the 7.6-inch flexible display until you can do it with your eyes closed to give its durability a run for its money. Slowly and surely, you’ll get used to it.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 can be easily folded and unfolded to your liking — it stays at where you stop. (Photo: Lifestyle Asia KL)

First two minutes?

Setting the phone up was easy. You can set a new Samsung account or simply use your existing Google account to get started. The phone comes equipped with all the essential tools including everything you need from Google, Microsoft essentials and Samsung-exclusive apps like Samsung Pay, Galaxy Wearable, Samsung Health and more. It also comes with entertainment apps like Spotify, YouTube, Netflix and more. 

The book-style design also gives it the wow-factor — simply pull out the phone from your pocket and unfold it into a tablet-like device. It comes with a 120Hz refresh rate that makes scrolling and navigating through the phone effortlessly fast and seamless.

However, I am still troubled by the split keyboard function with the ‘A’ and the ‘L’ being on two far ends — perhaps I think I need the S Pen! (ICYMI, the new Galaxy Z Fold3 is designed with S Pen and S Pen Pro support!)

The S Pen support makes perfect sense on this mini-tablet that seems to work like a compact workstation especially if you’re always on the go. It is easy to carry and personally, I feel that the grip for the device fits perfectly in my palm.

Another standout feature is the under-the-screen camera what neatly obviates the need for punch-hole — giving you seamless inner display. I’m not sure if the 4MP camera would compromise the quality of photos, but stay tuned to find out our full review.

The Cover Display maintains at 6.2 inches when folded. (Photo: Lifestyle Asia KL)

What’s next?

For starters, the Galaxy Z Fold3 is designed to be more durable and impressive with plenty of functions and features to suit every single need. The third generation foldable smartphone is made to make play, work, communication and being creative absolutely enjoyable with plenty of space for joy.

The Galaxy Z Fold3 is also slightly cheaper as compared to its predecessors from the second generation. What I am most excited to do is to turn the Galaxy Z Fold3 into a multitasking beast for my busy working lifestyle.

And with a bent to sketch ideas and doodle everything that come to mind, I can’t wait to write down notes while listening to a masterclass or even pen my train of thoughts during brainstorming sessions — adding the S Pen to cart right now, no cap.

Stay tuned to our full review and let us know if you have any questions about the new Galaxy Z Fold3 and what we should be reviewing for you.

To find out more about the new Galaxy Z Fold3 and other Samsung devices, visit  samsung.com/my now.

Two-minute review: Unboxing the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

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