Vivo becomes the latest player in the foldable smartphone segment with its very own patent-pending design.

Following its global partnership with ZEISS for mobile imaging technology, Vivo has also revealed its first-ever foldable smartphone design. In order to stay ahead of the competition, Vivo has also filed a design patent with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) back in February 2020.

Vivo foldable smartphone
A look at the new Vivo foldable smartphone concept.

Vivo is also throwing in a stylus where its tip is made out of soft rubber to avoid scratching the screen. The foldable smartphone features a unique hinge design, which is also where you store the stylus. But what really sets this new smartphone apart from the rest is its folding capabilities — its inward folding screen allows the smartphone to double as a tablet in one flip.

Unfortunately, that’s all the information there is with the new Vivo foldable smartphone. While an official name is probably still in the works, we reckon we’ll be seeing this a lot sooner rather than later.

(All images: Vivo)

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