Through the Internet of Things (IoT), the world of technology has propelled itself tremendously. Back then, nobody could fathom the idea of artificial intelligence or self-driving cars; we live in an age where everything in your home is now automated and more people are growing onto the idea of a smart home. With everything in your house already automated, the world of technology is now bringing smart beds into the foray.

A key essential item in every home, smart beds are capable of performing various diagnostics to gather data on the way you sleep and more. In doing so, it is capable of helping you get a better night’s rest with every waking moment. This is done through the use of pressure and heartbeat sensors, temperature control, and sleeping patterns.

However, a key thing to note is that smart beds are still in its infancy. This allows for greater creativity on what type of tech should and should not go into smart beds. As regular beds already come with the traditional technology like memory foam and anti-dust material, smart beds are capable of elevating the industry to new heights in the next couple of years.

Hi-Interiors Hi-Can

Hi-Interiors may not be one of the first to create a smart bed but it has propelled itself forward by leaps and bounds, thanks to the Hi-Can smart bed. Created by Ivan and Gianni Tallarico, the Hi-Interiors Hi-Can smart bed is both a contemporary and technological cocoon, housing the latest in innovative technology to pair with a new concept of lifestyle and comfort. It’s a unique blend of design and technology that comes with plenty of features to help you obtain a good night’s sleep. There’s a smart-stop snoring feature that will notify you when it’s the right time to move your head; it comes with preset memory readings to understand and remember your favourite resting positions; sleep and environmental tracking; and of course, smart home integration with other smart home devices.


Image Credit: Hi-Interiors Hi-Can

Hi-Interiors Hi-Bed

While the Hi-Interiors Hi-Can smart bed is still in its infancy, the makers have already decided to come up with the second generation of its smart beds lineup, the Hi-Interiors Hi-Bed. This next generation Italian smart bed features plenty of the same features from the Hi-Can smart bed, only better. Aside from the in-built 4K projector on a 70-inch display, it features a much more sleek and refined canopy design concept as compared to its predecessor. As its design is now much lighter and a lot more customisable, it allows the Hi-Bed smart bed to be integrated effortlessly with the furnishings while still being highly versatile when it comes to the innovative technologies.


Image Credit: Hi-Interiors Hi-Bed

Eight Sleep The Pod

Eight Sleep is another brand that is still in its infancy yet, still capable of having more than one smart bed available. Its latest creation known as The Pod is the first bed that learns the perfect temperature for your sleep. It is capable of keeping itself warm or cool at all times to adjust itself to your needs. The Pod itself comes with four layers of a premium foam bend with Active Grid technology, which will help in creating the most comfortable environment to sleep in. The Pod also comes with a thermo alarm, which will adjust the surface temperature of the bed to wake you up gradually and naturally. Of course, The Pod can also connect with a wide variety of home devices, giving you complete control over all without having to leave the bed.


Image Credit: Eight Sleep The Pod

Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

One of the earliest names in the smart beds industry, Sleep Number offers an easy and simplistic approach to its smart beds, ensuring that it gets the job done and done well. The Sleep Number 360 smart bed lets you choose on your ideal firmness, comfort, and support on each side. There are also sensors located around the smart bed, which will detect your every move and automatically adjust itself to keep you comfortable all night long. To view your sleep log, check through the SleepIQ smartphone app to see just how long and how well you slept the previous night. The smart bed is also smart enough to realise if you snore and is capable of lifting your head ever-so slightly to relieve mild snoring.


Image Credit: Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

ReST Beds

ReST Beds are arguably very much different from every other smart bed manufacturer on this list. This is due to its Responsible Surface Technology, the company’s proprietary technology that is housed within the smart mattress. As soon as it senses pressure, it automatically responds with customisable support for five individual body zones. This can be done manually, automatically, or even through auto positioning, which is based on your current sleeping position. The ReST Bed will also collect your data every night to report on your sleep performances and what you should do in order to make it better and smoother for yourself in the future.


Image Credit: ReST Beds

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