Through the Internet of Things (IoT), the world of technology has propelled itself tremendously. Back then, nobody could fathom the idea of artificial intelligence or self-driving cars; we live in an age where everything in your home is now automated and more people are growing onto the idea of a smart home. With everything in your house already automated, the world of technology is now bringing smart beds into the foray.

A key essential item in every home, smart beds are capable of performing various diagnostics to gather data on the way you sleep and more. In doing so, it is capable of helping you get a better night’s rest with every waking moment. This is done through the use of pressure and heartbeat sensors, temperature control, and sleeping patterns.

However, a key thing to note is that smart beds are still in its infancy. This allows for greater creativity on what type of tech should and should not go into smart beds. As regular beds already come with the traditional technology like memory foam and anti-dust material, smart beds are capable of elevating the industry to new heights in the next couple of years.