Cosy up in bed, because these video games are going to make for a relaxing escape.

With 55 titles included in the very first Wholesome Direct showcase, we’ve picked five of our stand-outs here: “Little Witch in the Woods,” “Ooblets,” “Tokotoko,” “Hoa” and “Dépanneur Nocturne.”

The Wholesome Games community has only been around for little over a year, started up by game developer Matthew Taylor and soon buoyed by a swell of enthusiasm and appreciation for games that are primarily concerned with nurture and companionship — games “less concerned with how you play and more concerned with how they made you feel,” as Taylor puts it.

Little Witch in the Woods

Let’s start partway into 2020’s inaugural Wholesome Direct to find “Little Witch in the Woods,” an enduring favourite of the Wholesome Games social media feed and its community. It’s easy to see why — “Little Witch” could hardly be any further from warts and evil spells. Instead, courtesy of South Korea’s Sunny Side Up, this is all about wonder-full apprentice Ellie and her gentle, joyful journey to understand potion recipes, observe the woodlands’ magical bunnies, birds, and blobs and get to know folk from the nearby village. Due 2021.


“Ooblets” is like “Pokémon” but with the cuteness dial turned way, way, way up. As well as creature collection, there’s a generous slice of town visiting as well as a plant growing back on the farm. This latest trailer brings a real party vibe to the whole affair! The two-person US team at Glumberland says “Ooblets” will be ready for Early Access “pretty soon” on PC and Xbox One.


Another spin on “Pokémon” — specifically, the mobile phone augmented reality of “Pokémon GO” — but instead of catching funny little creatures, in Kalank‘s French-made “Tokotoko” you’re helping these curious souls on tiny, epic, artistic adventures. Out now on iOS and Android.

Dépanneur Nocturne

Cosiness doesn’t have to be the exclusive domain of idyllic fantasy-rural settings (even if it helps). G. P. Lackey and Canada’s Ko-op Mode provided the surprise launch of corner-store walkabout “Dépanneur Nocturne”, in which abstract visuals meet immersive audio as you wander around shelves and racks looking for the perfect gift. It’s out now on Steam and


Coming in from Singapore as the Wholesome Direct’s last title, the bright blue skies, lush green grasses and delicately vibrant plant life of side-scrolling adventure “Hoa” are inspired by the visual style of Studio Ghibli’s famous animated movies. Expected late 2020, “Hoa” was one of four Southeast Asian games showcased during the Wholesome Direct, alongside “Himig” (PH), “When the Past Was Around” and “A Space for the Unbound” (both ID).

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