Going into the fourth week of 2017, you may or may not have been triumphant at sticking to your New Year’s resolutions. Some of us are still going to the gym every alternate day (kudos to you), while some have just caved in and wandered into McDonald’s after a night of drinking to buy a Prosperity Burger. But hey, at least we tried.

If there’s one thing that you shouldn’t let falter, it’s your ability to be productive in 2017. Even though physical planners can make you look like you have your life together (especially during meetings), they can be a hassle to take everywhere. Using digital productivity apps would be a better idea.

Your phone is your companion that’s with you 24/7 – so you definitely should use it as a tool to be productive. Besides, there are a huge variety of apps on the app store that will help you stay productive. From an app that plays on auditory neuroscience to help you focus, to one that syncs your content across all your social media platforms, here are 5 digital productivity apps you should download to stay productive in 2017.

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Sometimes, it is quite a headache to sync your content across your Macbook, iPhone and iPad. Evernote acts as a digital workspace – allowing you to organise your content across all your devices.

Evernote has recently gone through a redesign, and you can now find anything fast – even handwritten notes. Storing and syncing your content has never been so fuss-free.

Available on iTunes and Google Play

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Google Drive

Google’s cloud storage service, Drive, is a great productivity app – as it integrates with the rest of the Google ecosystem.

You can create, access, view and upload documents on the go, just like you do when you’re on your laptop. It syncs with Google Drive on your laptop or desktop, so you immediately pick up from where you left the moment you reach the office.

Available on iTunes and Google Play

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If This Then That

If This Then That, known as IFTT, is a simple service that makes your favourite apps work together – by automating all your content curation and streamlining your social media.

It’s automating capabilities are taken to a whole new level by expanding its platform to include over 360 apps that work – including Twitter, Google Drive, Instagram, Email and even devices like Amazon Alexa.

Available on iTunes and Google Play

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Your state of mind is just as important to get things done. Brain.fm is a music app that allows you to choose between 5 mental states – focus, meditate, sleep, nap and relax. The team behind the app collaborated with scientists to combine music with auditory neuroscience, producing a non-invasive digital therapy app.

If you want to see your productivity double, listen to the “Focus” mental state when working.

Available on iTunes.

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If you’re a professional procrastinator, this task manager helps you to be more productive with your time. You can set the length of each task and get notified when time runs out. Sloth will help you sharpen focus and overcome procrastination – which is what we all need, really.

Available on iTunes

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