Xiaomi is not only introducing its latest smartphone, the Mi 10T but also Internet of Things (IoT) devices for its smart home range.

The Chinese tech giant has long gone beyond just making smartphones. For quite some time now, Xiaomi has slowly edged itself to be a smart home tech provider as well. Of course, that doesn’t mean that its smartphone lineup is entirely sidelined. The Xiaomi Mi 10T, as well as the larger Mi 10T Pro, are the latest flagships to emerge from the brand and we couldn’t be happier! Xiaomi also made sure to make both devices applicable for 5G connectivity.

xiaomi mi 10t
The Mi 10T Pro comes in Cosmic Black, Lunar Silver, and Aurora Blue.

Both the Mi 10T and the Mi 10T Pro are using the best-in-class Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, which is the perfect candidate for 5G connectivity. This chipset also ensures that the devices get extreme power-efficiency and performance as well. Mobile gaming also works great with the Snapdragon 865 to go along with the Adrena 650 GPU, also by the same maker.

The devices will also share the same 6.67-inch FHD+ 144Hz AdaptiveSync TrueColor display. This brings true beauty to smartphones, being able to replicate lifelike imagery. Both the Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro gives you adaptive refresh rates, meaning that you can now set your refresh rate to whatever it is you’re doing. Keep it locked at 144Hz for the ultimate mobile gaming experience; set it at 6oHz when streaming videos or scrolling through social media. The phone can do it all.

xiaomi mi 10t
The Mi 10T only comes in the first two colours.

However, the differentiating factor for both the devices is its camera system. While it houses the same triple-camera setup, it’s what’s within that truly counts. The Mi 10T has a 64MP wide-angle, a 13MP ultra-wide angle, and a 5MP macro lens. There is also a 20MP in-display selfie camera at the front. Xiaomi has also done away with the notch and kept with a singular lens within the display screen. The Mi 10T Pro also features the same in-display camera but at the rear, you’ll find a 108MP ultra-clear primary camera with up to 30x zoom as well as the same ultra-wide-angle and macro lens as its younger sibling.

But that isn’t all that Xiaomi has brought out.

It also brings along a host of smart home devices. First up is the Mi Watch with over 100 faces; various fitness modes; swim and weather-ready with 5 ATM water resistance; and capable of tracking your sleep, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and GPS. There is also the Mi Smart Electric Toothbrush T500, the Mi True Wireless Earphones 2, the Mi Air Purifier Pro H, and the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P.

All of these devices are available now at Xiaomi’s official website.

All images courtesy of Xiaomi Malaysia.

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