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From trinkets to bone China: 7 Christmas home décor ideas to herald in the festive spirit

Christmas home décor might cost a bomb if self-restraint isn’t your strong suit.  

Unwrap the Christmas tree, dress it up with shiny baubles and light up some scented candles, because it is that time of the year. Herald in the festive spirit by transforming your home with the right touches and palette. Before you moonlight as interior designer, merchandising manager and chronic shopaholic all-in-one, you might want to contemplate on several things.  

Do you want a live Christmas tree? How tall do you envision it? Do you have space for it? What do you intend to do with it once the festive season blows over? What trinkets are you gravitated to? What colour or shape should they be? How generous is your budget? Are you doing this for self-gratification or to impress visiting friends and neighbours? Once you have thought that through, it’s time to fish out a credit card because we have curated all the things you will need for an awe-inspiring Christmas home décor. 

From budget to ostentatious, the best Christmas home décor ideas for 2021:

Looking for bath bombs in the shape of Christmas baubles? Hook them up on the Christmas tree and when the festive season has passed, dissolve them in your bathtub for a “frolicking” good time. Wunderbomb’s bath bombs are available in a variety of whimsical shapes. Containing mild fragrances, these alcohol-free bath bombs are coloured with natural minerals. 


While it is easier to order in, there are times you might want to brave the hassles and whip up a feast. Thanks to Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook, you don’t have to worry about accidentally charring a roast turkey. Inscribed with classics and vegetarian options, the 400+ pages contain everything you will want on the dining table.


Composed especially by Dior’s perfume-creator, this scented candle is bound to transform your home into an apricot grove in the midst of flowering. Imbued with Osmanthus fragrance, the multi-sensorial candle unfurls into a beautiful floral, fruity bouquet the moment it is illuminated with a match stick. 


A brand trusted by Queen Elizabeth II, Halyon Days is the epitome of British tradition. Prepare your Christmas dinner and thrill your guests with enamelled dinnerware radiating festive motifs. The Christmas Parterre Poinsettia Plate, for example, made from fine bone China is incredibly sturdy, belying its weightlessness and floral aesthetics. 

Pay a visit to the physical store at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

£70 or RM400

Save yourself the troubles and opt for a Christmas tree package that comes with all the expected ornaments. The set is shipped with a 180cm tall tree; and colourful ornaments including canes, ribbons, berries, Christmas wreath, tree topper, Santa figures, and string lights.


Settle for a smaller, lighter Christmas tree if space is lacking. This rustic Christmas set comes with a 60cm tall tree, battery-operated lights and floral ornaments. At 0.6kg, the tree can be easily kept in the store room when not on display.


Every year leading up to Christmas, Cartier unveils a collection of objets d’art from compotes to baubles for your domestic needs. You will encounter notebooks to scribble down the must-dos, pencil holders to deposit your stationery when not in use, tea boxes and porcelain trays for serving hot tea and petit-fours, and even cutlery such as a spoon and a tumbler. Why get one when you can obtain Diabolo de Cartier small porcelain and suede trinket trays in a set of four?

£465 or RM2,620
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