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How to build a perfect modern bedroom according to Scha Alyahya

LSA Digital Cover star, Scha Alyahya shares interesting tips on how to build the ideal modern bedroom for herself (and Awal).

The bedroom is, without a doubt, one of the most important spaces at home. It is essential to have the right bedroom for yourself because it’s a place you can call your own as well as a spot to sleep and relax. Need ideas on how to design the right or adequate bedroom for yourself? LSA Digital Cover star, Scha Alyahya is here to share her own personal tips.

We sit down with Scha to find out how she would build and design her own perfect modern bedroom. “It has to be something very simple and symmetrical,” Scha cites.

Calm colours

Scha describes herself as the more minimal counterpart compared to her husband, Awal. According to the stylish Malaysian personality, she likes “having good lighting and very calm colours” in the bedroom. This means the bedroom has to very simple while making you feel as zen as possible. If the bedroom is where you get your well-deserved down time after a long day, calm colours such as tranquil white and neutral beige can help you relax and unwind.

Scented candles

Another tip on Scha’s list is the addition of scented candles in the bedroom. The right scent can create and amplify the mood in the bedroom — not only through aroma but the space will benefit visually from a beautifully-designed candle too. There is a plethora of ways you can utilise candles in the bedroom; from turning up the romantic heat to setting the scene for a relaxing experience. The perfect bedroom has to be one that matches you and candles can be used to help you embrace your personal individual style.

Personal corner

“There should also be your own little corner. A spot just for yourself,” Scha adds. If you have ample space in the bedroom, try setting aside a personal zone. You can use the corner to read your favourite books, meditate, and even just to spend hours swiping on TikTok.

Find out more about Awal Ashaari and Scha Alyahya in the latest issue of LSA Digital Cover Vol. 004 HERE.

(All images from Adam Winger/Unsplash)

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