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KING promotes quality sleep with the Sleep+ mattress range

In conjunction with World Sleep Day, KING highlights the importance of sleep and quality sleep, a sound mind and happy self come with having the right mattress.

Bedrooms are created for one specific reason — enabling sleep and rest. The atmosphere in the bedroom should be comfortable and relaxing for a good night’s sleep. If the space is calming and conducive, you’ll find yourself falling asleep relatively easily every night. 

However, achieving adequate and quality sleep isn’t just dependent on the spatial mood but to have a good mattress. A good mattress should support your sleep and not ruin it. And yet many people still don’t pay enough attention to their mattresses. Suffice to say, it is the essential item in your bedroom that can either make or break your sleeping experience. 

With this in mind, KING offers solutions to the best sleeping experience with its premium range of modular, comfort layered mattresses, complemented by its selection of functional and elegantly designed beds. Powered by consumer-centric sensibilities, the KING mattress and bed range ups the ante in the world of sleep and aims to provide the health benefits that come from consistent, uninterrupted sleep for total relaxation and rest. 

These are some important tips to look out for when designing a bedroom that helps you promote the ultimate sleeping experience.

Sleep+ by KING – a mattress for life

Choose the right bed

Before deciding on the mattress, it is equally important to consider a bed that works best for you. Think about how you use the bed when you’re awake to decide the suitable height and material of the headboard for you. An upholstered bedhead with soft edges is ideal for comfort and support while sitting up. Choosing the right material for the bedhead— whether it is fabric or leather — is also crucial but always go with a neutral palette or calming tones with a soft texture.

When it comes to being pragmatic, beds that also offer storage are a perfect solution to decluttering your space. Spark joy with the Jasper bed range that gives expansive storage space and plenty of room for customisations depending on your needs. 

The Bellaire Bed comes with a sleek design for minimalistic interiors.

If you’re someone who loves reading before bedtime, the Bellaire bed (as well as the Jasper bed) can be equipped with integrated lighting and accessories to enhance the entire experience of the bedroom. It also offers ergonomic bed-making positions and flexibility in customisations to make your life easier. The bed is also absolutely sturdy with the use of KING steel frame that comes with a 25-year warranty.

KING Sleep+ mattress

Choose a mattress that lasts

KING continues to offer solutions to the best sleeping experience with its premium range of modular, comfort layered mattresses designed to last a lifetime. Every layer of the Sleep+ Mattress is designed for the human body, conforming to each unique body contour. It features zoned pocket springs throughout, based on the trusted KingCell® Pocket Spring system used in KING sofas for over four decades. The Sleep+ responds and reacts to the body, creating a ‘hammock’ effect that provides the ultimate support and care.

While there’s no one miracle mattress that will be suitable for every single person, KING proves that its modular ethos is crucial in promoting quality sleep for all. The changeable component in the Sleep+ range can be tailored to the specific firmness requirements depending on your preferences. The top layer can be simply unzipped to allow for components inside the mattress to be customised or changed, offering clarity like never before.

The revolutionary mattress is also designed with the Sleep+ Comfort Layers for maximum airflow while regulating natural body temperature at the same time for a better night sleep.    Arguably the best mattress in the market, the Sleep+ range of mattresses is designed for all body types, sleeping habits, and even the strictest clean monster in your life. 

It is built with personalisation in mind, allowing you to adjust the surface of your mattress according to your needs. The Hybrid Comfort Layer combines natural latex and memory foam for the best of both worlds, providing a superior feel to your sleeping experience. The Premium Firm Comfort Layer is perfect for sleepers who prefer a firmer sleeping surface thanks so its high-density quality foams. 

A closer look into the KING Sleep+ 9008 model, comprising Comfort Layers that can be customised to your sleeping requirements.

For extra upper pressure support, the natural Latex Comfort Layer gives off a buoyant uplifting feel while conforming to your natural posture. And if you love the sinking relaxed feeling in bed, the Memory Comfort Layer slowly moulds itself efficiently to the contours of your body for better weight distribution on the mattress — promoting blood circulation along the way.

Choose a base that works for you

KING offers three variants to the KingFlex Base — 6000, 8000, and 9008. The KingFlex base features zoned KingCell® Pocket Coil Springs for a superior level of comfort and support. It is always recommended to walk into any KING showroom to experience the difference yourself. 

Cleaning and refreshing the mattress is also a breeze thanks to an easy-to-remove air mesh cover that wraps the structure of the base. This allows the base to be easily accessible for cleaning, providing you peace of mind when it comes to allergens and the cleanliness of your bed.

The mattress has an easy-to-remove air mesh cover that wraps the structure of the base for easy cleaning.

Choose hygiene and safety first

The Sleep+ mattresses also offer luxurious comfort and support while taking care of your health and wellbeing. The Sleep+ range and all upholstered products at KING are, in fact, certified by Sensitive Choice, which recognises products that benefit those with asthma and allergies. This is especially essential in ensuring the safest bedroom environment, especially with VOC emissions and low-toxicity ratings becoming one of the top considerations among customers. 

The Sleep+ Mattress can improve the health of those supporting from dust-related allergies as the entire mattress can be thoroughly cleaned inside and out. With the way the mattresses are structured, the insides can be easily cleaned for better peace of mind. It helps to keep the mattresses longer lasting while ensuring its hygiene is always checked. The mattress is also made to breathe thanks to the high-quality stretch knit fabrics with breathable qualities.

Creating the right ambience for the bedroom is more than just the mood, but having the right mattress on your bed.

Choose the best sleeping experience

Finding the right mattress that will provide a great night’s sleep involves getting the right support and achieving the best level of comfort. A good mattress is proven to make a positive difference to the way you sleep. With the right mattress type, it can offer pressure point relief, ultimate back support and comfort, as well as quality sleep. 

To find out more about Sleep+ and other KING products, visit www.kingliving.com or get in touch with the expert consultants at KING by calling +603 7732 0272 (KING Showroom at IPC) or +603 2633 7600 (KING Showroom at Bangsar) to make an appointment today. 

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