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Scha and Awal on 6 things every couple needs when creating a home

LSA Digital Cover stars, Scha Alyahya and Awal Ashaari share the must-haves that every couple requires when building a home together.

Embarking on a new chapter of your lives as an item and thinking of building a home together? LSA Digital Cover stars, Scha Alyahya and Awal Ashaari, have got you covered. The celebrity duo, known not just for their hosting and acting projects but also their style game, sure knows a little or two when it comes to forging their own sanctuary — not only for themselves but for their two beautiful daughters, Lara and Lila.

We dive into their thoughts on what they think are the essential things any couple would need when creating a space for themselves at home.

A big mirror

“You need to always be able to see yourself,” Awal shared. Place a huge mirror (or two) at home to generate the illusion of space. Whether the large mirrors are wall-mounted or standing on its own, having one around the home keeps you looking your best. It’s unsurprising that the celebrity power couple are always serving their finest when they step out of the house. (P/S: We’re sure they look amazing in their own maison too!)

Photo by @schaalyahya

High ceilings and good natural lighting

According to Scha, every home needs amazing natural lighting (or good lighting in general) and if possible, high ceilings. Ample space (both vertically and horizontally) to move around would be beneficial to not just couples, but for individuals too. High ceilings create a more spacious feeling at home while allowing copious natural light to come through. Of course, the higher the ceiling, the larger your mirror can be. We can already visualise all the beautiful family selfies that Scha, Awal, and their daughters have taken by the mirror at home.

A good sound system

Need to unwind and destress at home after a long day? Scha and Awal recommend installing a brilliant sound system, especially in the living room and bedroom. Relax with loved ones while you listen to your favourite tunes. Even better, get groovy and do a little dance to let loose.

Photo by @schaalyahya

A small garden or outside space

The duo also proposes setting aside some outdoor space, like a small garden. This is perfect for couples — like Scha and Awal — who enjoy hosting guests at home. The outside space also allows children, like SchAwal’s daughters, Lara and Lila, to roam around and play while at the comfort and safety of their own home. Set a table, plant your own garden, and have your own little picnic while you’re at it.

A private toilet or door at the toilet for privacy

While couples, especially those who are just starting to live together, need to spend bountiful quality time with each other, some privacy or time alone would also help in the long run. For many, privacy comes during that time of the day when they are doing what they need to do in the toilet. Scha and Awal suggest having a door to truly give yourself the space you need. 

A separate vanity top for ‘his’ and ‘her’

When it comes to setting boundaries, Scha and Awal both agree that having a ‘his and her’ vanity counter is the extremely ideal for couples living together. To each its own, it is a good idea for couples to take responsibility of their own space and things within a shared room. Respect your partner’s personal space and compromise. And with a hawk-like gaze at Awal, Scha asserts: “I can tell when you’re using my sink.”

Find out more about Awal Ashaari and Scha Alyahya in the latest issue of LSA Digital Cover Vol. 004 HERE.

(All images from @schaalyahya)

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