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6 eco-friendly gift wrap ideas for Christmas

Christmas is about giving gifts, and many are making it their mission to do it all a bit sustainably. Here are six eco-friendly ways to wrap your gifts this year.

Gifts are precious, for they are not just presented for the sake of it. A lot of thought goes behind getting a gift for someone, and it embodies the love and affection you have for the presentee. It also corresponds with the event — be it an achievement or a special day like a birth or marriage anniversary. However, our efforts are not limited to just buying the perfect gift but also choosing a complementary gift wrap. And while we look for the most suitable wrapping papers, why not go for eco-friendly gift wraps and help mother nature thrive? Moreover, these gift wrap ideas are very easy to execute.

Now, if you are wondering where you could find wrapping papers that look presentable and appealing, then all you need is to just look around. You can use some of the most common things, such as a newspaper or an old fabric, as a sustainable alternative to buying new wrapping papers. 

Moreover, an eco-friendly way of wrapping gifts is a choice one should make to take that small conscious step towards conserving the environment. And, to defy the notion that ‘everything sustainable is boring,’ these eco-friendly gift wrappings look chic and splendid. 

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Here are some environment-friendly gift wrap ideas to try


Fabric cloth
Image Credit: Anastasia Shuraeva/Pexel

There’s a fabric for every occasion and using them as a gift wrap is one of the most sustainable ways of presenting gifts. Moreover, they can be adjusted according to the festival and occasion you are choosing the gift for. It is believed that the Japanese originally used this method of wrapping gifts and called it the Furoshiki method.

To make it even more sustainable, you can use your old scarf, a cutout of your bedsheet, or even your old clothes with traditional or quirky prints that have been lying in your closet for years. 

Packaging boxes 

Packaging box
Image Credit: Monstera/Pexels

When we shop for things like shoes, accessories and electronic items, they usually come in cartons. Don’t just throw these boxes away. You can upcycle these into a beautiful gift box by covering them with fabric or leave them just as they are and decorate them with ribbons, dried flowers and leaves. No wonder this is one of the best gift wrap ideas one can easily use.

Drawstring bags 

gift wraps
Image Credit: redaymade/Pexels

Putting your gift in jute or cotton drawstring bags is the easiest and one of the most sustainable ways of packaging them for your loved ones as they can be easily reused. You can enhance their look by using a thick twine to tie them or sticking dried leaves and flowers on them. Also, you can customise these with your own ink stamps. 

Mason jars 

mason jar
Image Credit: Angela van Oeffelen/Pexels

Using a mason jar to gift munchies is a tried and tested way of giving such gifts and practising sustainability simultaneously. Mason jars not only make your things look presentable but also ensure the receiver is tempted to reuse them in some or the other. To make it look more presentable and worthy, you can paint the mason jars or use stickers to decorate them. You can also tie ribbons around the lid to add some festive cheer.

Natural decorative items 

Gift wrap
Image Credit: Antoni Shkraba/Pexels

While wrapping gifts is one thing, decorating them is another. When you plan an eco-friendly gift to wrap your gifts, you should always look for sustainable and natural gift decorating items instead of plastic, which are readily available in the markets. These can be anything, from dried flowers and leaves to sun-dried fruits or stems of plants. 

Magazines and newspapers

newspaper wrap
Image Credit: Feyza Tuğba/Pexels

One of the easiest gift wrap ideas is to use old newspapers or magazine papers. Wrapping your gifts with these items is always a good way of thinking about the environment and avoiding glitter wrapping papers that could be harmful to children. These papers give your gifts a vintage look; plus they come under the category of biodegradable waste, which does not harm the environment. Also, you can use some ribbons and personalised cards to make it look more appealing. 

6 eco-friendly gift wrap ideas for Christmas

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