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Protect the environment while you sleep with Sunday Bedding sustainable bed linens

Making the earth a better place one bed linen at a time.

Just a quick Google search on how to help the environment garners plenty of results. It’s often something related to recycling, banning the usage of one-time plastics and so forth. But what if, we say there’s a way for you to help the ecosystem by choosing how you sleep at night. Sunday Bedding’s luxurious range of bed linens is designed for a good night’s sleep with its ethical and sustainable practice.

Hailed from Singapore, Sunday Bedding‘s key focus is delivering the best sleeping experience right to your doorstep. These well-made and well-priced bed linens are practically for anyone who believes sleep is an understated luxury. More people are now investing in creating the ultimate escape at home as the outside world remains uncertain; a safe sanctuary that you can completely relax in. Sunday Bedding’s founders, Alex Fan & Clara Teo truly understood that notion, hence why they’ve decided to step in and help create that type of space.

“Sunday Bedding is created as an idea to dispel the myths around bedsheets. It’s the solution to all that frustration and to bridge the disconnect between individual sleeping habits and the wealth of bedding options available,” says Clara Teo.

Sunday Bedding is committed to producing ethically and sustainably by using bamboo and linen for bed sheets. This move will be able to slowly decrease the world’s reliance on cotton and polyester and encourages textile diversity. The company only works with certified textile factories in China and Turkey. The Singaporean company’s bedding factory is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by seven to eight percent every year and all water released from its production process is completely potable.

Read on to find out more about the brand and its ethical and sustainable commitments to the environment.

What is the driving factor that leads to Sunday Bedding’s pledge to produce ethical and sustainable bedding products?

Alex’s background in home textiles manufacturing allows us to be more aware and also better address the issue of textiles sustainability. For instance, we have visibility over the type of material that tends to be ordered by bedding brands globally, and also control over our supply chain.

With 90% of textiles demand in cotton or polyester (that requires ~342 million barrels of oil every year while the annual production of cotton is estimated to require 200,000 tonnes of pesticides and 8 million tonnes of fertilizers to produce), we believe that textiles diversity is the key to a more sustainable textiles economy. Hence, we’re leaning towards alternative fabrics such as Bamboo Sateen and French Linen. Bamboo uses 80% less water compared to the cultivation of cotton whereas Linen is derived from flax plant – a plant that is extremely versatile and every part of it used to create a worthwhile product.

As part of our commitment to producing ethically, our sheets are made in Alex’s family factories which are MADE IN GREEN BY OEKO TEX certified, the most demanding certification with respect to health and safety, environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility. This certification is a guarantee that any article bearing its mark contains no harmful substances and has been manufactured respecting the environment and workers’ human rights.

What are your thoughts on the awareness of sustainability and eco-friendliness in Malaysia? And as a purveyor that is rooted in these pillars, what are the additional steps to educate consumers better?

While there has been a surge in eco-conscious shopping even before the pandemic, we’re just getting started on scratching the surface in moving towards a sustainable textile economy, especially within home textiles and fashion. As a brand, we want to educate consumers about the importance of choosing sustainable materials and labels. Beyond labels such as ‘organic’, sustainability is also about the durability of the product and how consumers can remain committed to do their part for the environment, such as caring for their products the right way and being mindful about how much they purchase.

The post-pandemic period that we’re currently going through can be defined by restraints, and we think that this facilitates a trend towards more mindful consumption. We are hopeful that this will shift demand towards more thoughtfully made pieces and an interest in the stories behind the pieces that you buy. This means more behind-the-scenes previews and most importantly, more transparency behind how our products are being made.

For first-time customers, which Sunday Bedding products should they try out first?

We understand that sleep is very personal and Sunday Bedding aims to pair the right bedding to everyone’s sleeping preferences. With so many different materials to consider, we always advocate shoppers to first consider their own sleeping environment.

We have three different types of bed linens that are suitable for different sleep preferences; which are: Bamboo Sateen, French Linen and 100% Organic Cotton.

For consumers who sleep without air-conditioning, we highly recommend Bamboo Sateen as it is moisture-wicking and thus great for those who sweat easily at night. Bamboo has a soft and cool hand feel which makes it an ideal fabric for Malaysia’s warm and humid climate. Our bamboo sheets have also been our best seller.

For those who sleep with pets or kids, French linen or Cotton is more fuss-free and durable, which means it holds up well to frequent washing. Linen sheets can last up to 10 years or more and get softer with each wash. Our Sunday Bedding French linen sheets are also made from 100% flax fibres sourced from France, which means that it does not trap dust easily; a typical source of most allergies which can be a cause for concern for those with kids. These are also perfect for cold nights, as they are weightier and thicker than bamboo.

What are Sunday Bedding's next plans?

While sleep will always be a key part of everyone’s wind-down ritual, we hope to be able to help customers find their moment of rest throughout the day as well. We have already started expanding into new product lines such as towels and duvet inserts, to give us the opportunity to educate our customers about what to look out for and how to choose quality materials, and most importantly wind down their way. We are also planning to launch new bed sheet designs. These new product lines aim to help our customers weave in moments of respite – that familiar Sunday feeling – into their daily lives.

We intend to continue pushing the envelope with Sunday Bedding next year and beyond – customer demand has shown us we’re moving in the right direction. While bedding will always remain our core product, we want to further elevate customers’ personal journey of rest by expanding into other product categories in the home and decor space, for example, throw blankets, pillow shams, and bath rugs.

We are launching a core loungewear collection at the end of 2021 as it’s a very natural extension of our vision of bringing moments of rest to people. Stay tuned for more!

Protect the environment while you sleep with Sunday Bedding sustainable bed linens

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