Are you even a millennial if you don’t have at least five plants at home?

Apart from baking bread, daily organising at-home cocktail hours and frantically whipping up Dalgona coffee, gardening has become part of many’s mission and hobby during the lockdown. But even long before that, many millennials and slow-life devotees also started going back to the land; farming and growing their own food.

Gardening pros and plant whisperers are also sharing their tips and tricks on how to plant adeptly even in a vast field, home yard, or even just in your own home – and apartment. Here, we’ve curated a roundup of gardening gurus on YouTube that will surely grant you a green thumb talent. Regardless of the climate difference, their advice can also be easily applied to all types of planting and seasons. 

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Summer Rayne Oakes

Summer Rayne Oakes is a jungalow home goddess. The model turned home gardener and environmental activist is dubbed an eco-model for the reason that she has turned her home into a personal mini forest. For those of you who fancy renovating your bare concrete home into a jungalow-themed cottage just to feel as if you’re vacationing at all times, her Houseplant 101 series will make planting a breeze of a task to do.

Rob Greenfield

Rob Greenfield is a seasoned expert and humanitarian whose mission is to live sustainably and lead others to do so, too. Wondering how you too could grow food for you and loved ones all year round? His channel is loaded with gardening tutorials and sustainable practices you can easily follow.

Charles Dowding

Here comes our absolute favourite. Not only is his voice soothing and a charm to listen to, but Charles Dowding is also a gardening maestro with brilliant techniques and hacks. And although the climate over in England is far different from in Thailand, his top tips for various types of gardening can be applied to your space and weather.

Justin Rhodes

For a light-hearted watch, Justin Rhodes is our go-to. His daily farming videos which we’ve been watching since a few years back give a glimpse of reality, showcasing what it’s actually like to grow a farm from day one and involving kids to even have fun helping and harvesting their own food. So for those who need the inspiration of how to one day live a farm life with the fam, his channel will give you a glance into what that world would look like.

Becoming Gardener

Run by the husband-wife gardeners, Robert Špiler and Tjaša Štruc successfully grew a food garden at the age of 22 and are leading a simple life in the forest. Becoming Gardener is a channel in which the lovebirds will walk you through step one in growing all kinds of produce your taste buds could ever crave for.

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