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10 amazing tattoo artists to follow on Instagram

Tattoos have always fascinated people and have found their way to many bucket lists. Those who are about to get inked scroll through Pinterest or Instagram for hours to find the perfect design by experienced tattoo artists.

Available in a myriad of colours, one can choose from either single or multi-coloured options. Besides the hues, the gazillion designs and artwork will baffle anyone, especially those who are getting inked for the first time.

While most people opt for a design that is either simple and represents something or just stunning, others go for a perfect combination of both. So, if you are also searching for some tattoo inspiration, then look no more.

Here are 10 amazing tattoo artists to follow on Instagram:


Brittany depicts sheer beauty through her intricate designs. Whether it be people, nature, animals or bringing together all such elements — she makes sure that the result is nothing but a sight for sore eyes.

Follow the artist here.


Abstract gets a whole new meaning when it comes to tattoo artist Mira’s unique tattoo artwork. The artist behind some of Ariana Grande’s iconic designs, Mira’s works usually feature women and celebrate their innate beauty.

Follow the artist here.


Synthetic cubism and steampunk art come together with geometrical designs to create a feast for the eyes. Tattoo artist duo, Jade Tomlinson and Kevin James, bring to life unconventional ideas with a flair. If you want large yet intricate tattoos, you should check out their page.

Follow the artist here.


This tattoo artist takes floral designs to a whole new level. One can easily confuse her creations with actual flowers, only to realise that her work is super-realistic. She also does a fabulous job with animal art. Using black and other colours in her artwork makes it a sight to behold.

Follow the artist here.


Kandace’s feed is all the convincing you need to get inked. From Aphrodite tattoos to mandalas and henna-inspired designs, her tattoos are intricate and chic. You will spot some of the most elaborate designs in her feed.

Follow the artist here.


Gabby Colledge’s minimal artworks will win you over.

From cute animal tattoos to seashells and flowers, her nature-oriented tattoo designs are good options for those who admire intricate artwork. The artist is a pro at creating any piece of art with ease.

Follow the artist here.


Sasha surely appreciates the use of watercolours and has aced the art of graphic watercolour tattoo work. Filled with bright colours, her feed can just make anyone’s day. Follow one of the most creative tattoo artists for more such artworks.

Follow the artist here.


Planning to get an attention-grabbing design that looks almost lifelike? Look no further; you are at the right place.

The artist creates jaw-dropping, larger-than-life artwork that will simply blow your mind away. The go-to tattoo artist for the multi-hyphenated Rihanna, McCurdy mostly uses black ink for his artwork.

Follow the artist here.


One of those tattoo artists on Instagram who knows how to add a pop of colour to their black-and-white tattoos, his work is both haunting and phenomenal.
The artist mostly uses pop culture-inspired ink. His masterpieces in black ink are blended with other colours to create realistic tattoos that are hard to miss.

Follow the artist here.


The celebrity tattoo artist is known for his tiny and adorable works. For those tattoo enthusiasts who like minimalist tattoos, JonBoy’s page is an inspiration. The tattoo artist’s clientele list boasts Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Sofia Richie.

JonBoy’s Instagram feed will surely entice you to book a tattoo appointment for some of the most beautiful and meaningful artworks, comprising signatures, fingernail tattoos and handwritings.

Follow the artist here.

Main and Featured image: @zaya/Instagram


10 amazing tattoo artists to follow on Instagram

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