2021 heralds yet another MCO Hari Raya.

With another lockdown secured, Hari Raya celebrations this year will once again be smaller, stricter, and very possibly apart from the whole family. While this isn’t a reason to discount blessings and the importance of safety first, we thought we’d look back at the good old times. We asked a few friends what their favourite and most memorable Raya memories are. This is what they shared:

Tengku Ezurin Khyra

“2020 was my most beautiful Raya, as my five children and I got to spend time in Malaysia together after a long time. It was a very intimate celebration given the MCO but we managed to pray together.”

Tengku Ezurin Khyra

Dr Amalina Che Bakri, General Surgeon Registrar & PhD Clinical Research Fellow

“My favourite Eid al-Fitr was in 2019 when I celebrated with my mum, baby Ainul and her family. Even though I didn’t manage to go back to Malaysia due to work commitments, my mum had travelled to see me as we would always try to spend Eid together. This was actually the last time that I saw my mum due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Baby Ainul’s parents were also in the UK for the surgery and we had become close over the previous weeks. My mum prepared food for us which we ate in the hospital together. It was a solemn but intimate occasion. With baby Ainul now healthy and it has been so long since I saw my mum, I look back on this day with great happiness.”

Dr Amalina Che Bakri

Azura Rahman, Freelance broadcaster & stay-at-home mum

“This was taken during Raya 2019 at my late cousin’s home on Bukit Chandan in Kuala Kangsar. It’s right next to the majestic Masjid Ubudiah and was a must-stop during our rounds every time we balik kampung. It’s been two years now since we’ve been here for Raya. So much has changed since then.”

Azura Rahman

Atilia Haron, Artist

“What I always remember when it comes to Raya is of course going from house to house with my little brother and have a competition of who gets more collection of Raya money. Of course, he wins all the time as he was so much cuter. We would come home drenched in sweat and mom would be so angry. I miss that.”

Atilia Haron

Nor ‘Phoenix’ Diana, Malaysian pro-wrestler

“My favourite memories are getting ‘duit Raya’ because nowadays I don’t get that anymore. Before, we’d go for takbir from home to home and we’d get ‘duit Raya’ there too!”

Nor ‘Phoenix’ Diana

This article first appeared on Prestige Online Malaysia.