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Instagram Me: Sean Wong, founder of Gym Box

Sean Wong, the 29 year old trailblazer, founded “Gym Box”, the biggest fitness center in the East of Malaysia. Naturally, his life is full of adventures that we were curious to see. Here’s a peek into his daily routine, from breakfast catch-ups to trying a new sport.


 Sean Wong

Family is very important to me and due to travel and work commitments, it can be difficult to catch up with my parents. I usually leave breakfast open for them!


 Sean Wong

I pop by to check on our recent hotel renovations at Kingwood Hotel and to receive my weekly report from my management. The hotel has just introduced a new hybrid central air conditioner system which is environmental friendly and energy saving.


 Sean Wong

I’ve just picked up golf as a new hobby to challenge myself mentally. I was surprised at how cerebral and addictive the sport is.


 Sean Wong

After a lunch meeting I pop in to grab my usual midday coffee at Earthlings. Big shout out to Rave and his team for bringing Melbourne coffee to Kuching!


 Sean Wong

Doing the occasional checking in with the partners at our joint venture, Kulture. We’ve always believed in bringing diversity and cultivating food appreciation among our community.


 Sean Wong

Exercise for me is usually my alone time so I always try to get it in before peak hour.


 Sean Wong

Dinner at Kulture.


 Sean Wong

Stopped by to pick some ‘kek lapis’ from Aunt Imot to bring down to KL for my friends at Under Armour and Glam Lelaki. Pictured here is a Nutella and Cheese layered cake.


Sean Wong

I catch up on some TV and run through the next day’s agenda and prioritise them according to importance. Now, time for some much needed rest!

To see more of Sean, follow him on www.instagram.com/seanwongzw.

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