Time to hit that follow button because these stylish modest fashion influencers are making a mark in the fashion world, defying the stereotype of modest fashion. 

Discovering and experimenting with your style in this pandemic is the most exciting time to pick up on this challenge. Since we’re currently stuck indoors and are looking for ways to fill up our free time, why not try mixing-and-matching with what you already own in your closet? You can come up with fresher styles for your next outing once this lockdown is over without spending a dime (unless you want to, of course). 

We’re here to help you find that motivation and with our list of stylish modest fashion influencers as a huge inspiration. You can make a mark in the fashion scene too just like how these ladies did. From rugged to feminine and casual-chic, we have it all for you. All you need to do is pick a style and have them as your visual style board. 

Hodan Yousuf

If androgynous, asymmetrical layering and contrasting prints are your go-to styles, we highly encourage you to click that follow button on Hodan Yousuf now. We’re in awe with her creativity in experimenting both thrifted and high-end fashion to her everyday wardrobe. A great example that sometimes you don’t need to spend a bomb on acing good style. Her followers admire her vision in pulling out-there pieces together to create a dream inspo – especially when it comes to layering. Our homegirl Yuna is a fan of her too. 

Shahd Batal

Ever had that feeling where you meet someone for the first time but felt like you’ve known them for a while? Fashion and beauty Youtuber Shahd Batal gives that impression. Just by watching a glimpse of her vlogs and beauty tips, you’ll find it easy to relate to her charming personality and stories. With over 390k followers and a style crossover between sporty and sophisticated; the matching sets, flared silhouettes and wrap-around pieces are what makes her unique and effortless. 

Maria Al-Sadek

Brooklyn-based, Maria Al-Sadek is no stranger to the fashion scene. The talented content creator, writer and stylist have been making headlines for her eye in modest fashion. Take a look at her Instagram feed, and you’ll see how she makes every piece of clothing effortless but still sticking to the modest silhouette. You’ll find that most of her styles are polished but also experimental when it comes to layering. For instance, we love how she layers a corset over a poofy dress to cinch the waist without revealing too much. 

Leena Al Ghouti

The Dubai-based, Palestinian-Canadian influencer is living proof that you can never run out of ideas with fashion. While Leena‘s go-to pieces are mostly pants and comfy oversized silhouettes, she always has her way in making herself stand out. Her use of colours and prints to layer over basic neutrals are the perfect juxtaposition to every style. Especially, when she pairs her oversized sweatshirts and hoodies with baggy-flared pants for that rugged but put-together ensemble.

Arinna Erin

We’re showing some love to our homegirls in Malaysia, and Arinna Erin is first on our list. This model and influencer is also no stranger to the local fashion scene by appearing in multiple local fashion campaigns and even scored an international Nike campaign in 2019. Her laidback style is the epitome of versatile and contemporary all-in-one because sometimes you don’t have to do much to achieve a great style personality. 

Ike Diana

Whimsical and full of life is how we’d describe Ike Diana’s style. Her minimal flowy silhouettes and casual pairings are injected with soft pastels that matches her Instagram feed too. While she also models for homegrown brands in Malaysia, she creates content by sharing her style tips, beauty routines and favourite fashion essentials.

Jeera Abdullah

Take one glimpse of her Instagram page and you’ll see how fearless she is when it comes to styling. Her bold ways in experimenting with quirky prints, subtle layers and intricate details are what makes her stand out. From glam to preppy and casual, she has it all. Consider Jeera your go-to style guide if you’re wondering how you can style yourself in this Malaysia heat. 

Amalina Anuar
Senior Writer
A writer by day and spin instructor by night. Amalina fuels her day with anything that’s covered in chocolate and breaking a sweat in the spin studio. With fashion and music as inspiration, you can find her obsessing over her favourite artist's music videos or swaying to funky tunes at live gigs.