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Q&A: Ameera Khan takes charge of her life on her own terms

Ameera Khan is stepping out of the box.

No longer in the shadows of her multi-hyphenate sister Neelofa, Noor Ameera Khan or known famously on Instagram as ‘Little Miss Khan’ has her eyes set on creating her name in her own persona. At only 19, she has achieved far more than anyone her age but she’s hungry for more. 

Growing up in a family of achievers — each successful in their own rights — Ameera reassures that her family has never put pressure on her to excel in a certain something or put a benchmark in what she has her eyes set on. Despite some dissents from her father on building a career out of social media in the beginning, she has since gotten his blessing after understanding the value of being an influencer — especially with an exemplar sibling supporting her along the way.

“It all started when I was 13 when my sister Neelofa created an Instagram account for me without actually telling me. And that account garnered 20,000 followers overnight,” she recalls. “Everyone was telling me that I’m on Instagram and I was like ‘no’. Suddenly, I have an account and so, I started posting.”

Along the way, she learns the twists and turns of the social media game. Blessedly, she also has a strong support system including her sister to turn to for advice and guidance. She also has a list of people including stylists, makeup artists, and key players in the industry to thank. Today, she’s a one-woman strong team and a darling among international beauty and fashion brands.

In our recent fashion shoot with her for Gucci Epilogue 2020, she opens up about her rise to fame through social media, what’s keeping her busy, and leaves a little message to her fans.

Ameera Khan dressed in Gucci Epilogue. (Photo: Lifestyle Asia KL)

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

My full name is Noor Ameera Khan but people may know me as Little Miss Khan thanks to Instagram. I’ve also been called ‘baby’ all my life. I come from a big family, and there’s 10 of us siblings — so you can imagine how it’s like growing up. And a fun fact, I’m actually not Malay but of Pakistani and Arab descent.

What’s keeping you busy lately?

I’ve been working out and at the same time, a lot of modelling and shoots. When I’m not working, I spend most of my time with my family. 

You’re so young and yet, you’ve established a strong social media presence and a distinct sense of style. Whats the biggest takeaway from this so far?

It took me a while to get a good grasp of social media. And when I finally understood how it all works, I began to realise what my followers like to see and what is expected of me. It is a form of interaction between me and my followers. But at the same time, I also want to be able to post anything that I want — it is my page after all. I’ve learn to strike that balance and keep some parts of my private life off-screen. Along the way, I realised that I need to be ‘less out there’ because you don’t want people to know everything about you — even if they don’t.

How do you set yourself apart from other influencers out there?

I stick to being ‘me’. Do something that you like and not be defined by others.

Ameera Khan styled in Gucci Epilogue. (Photo: Lifestyle Asia KL)
But sometimes, people has something to say, good or bad, about you. What’s the best way to deal with criticisms?

It’s easier said than done. But all these get to you because we are human and its natural for you to feel hurt when people say something about you. There are times when I’m mounted with pressure when things don’t go well. But I learn through experience and make myself feel better. From being camera shy, afraid of people and everything else, and even worried of what they think of me, I’m went from that to feeling extremely excited for shoots. Sometimes, you got to learn the hard way.

And how do you manage being famous both on social media and in real life?

I think my sister helped me a lot. I watched her entire journey and it’s reassuring to know that I can turn to her whenever I need an advice. My dad didn’t really supported me on this in the beginning but after seeing what I can do, what I love to do, and what I am meant to do, he gave his blessing for me to do what I love.

What is your advice on staying positive and confident, even on your worst days?

I tell myself that it’s just a bad day, it’ll be over tomorrow. It’s not a bad life per se. I allow myself to feel bad, and its okay to not feel your best. On some days, I wished for many things to be different but remember that when you let it go, it’ll pass.

As a young woman, how do you see yourself inspiring and empowering others?

I think as an influencer at a very young age, I’m inspired to be someone like my sister. But not everyone can do things like business or being an entrepreneur. Do it your way. I believe in inspiring others through things I love doing, what makes me feel good about myself. Get out there. Workout and get your body moving. Do charity. Practice self love.

Lastly, how would you like people to remember Ameera Khan as?

(giggles) …that easygoing carefree girl.

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