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Q&A: Mike Lewis on career and being Lifestyle Advocates’ host

To satisfy your cravings of an escapade, the team at Life Inspired, the first regional lifestyle channel, has brought together ambassadors across Asia, called Lifestyle Advocates, on a journey to unveil the true characteristics of certain Asian destinations. The series transports you to Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand to explore the country’s lesser-known side.

The idea behind Lifestyle Advocates is to capture the true colours of a nation through its people. Each episode will give you a clearer insight of the local’s lifestyle as each different host introduces you to their homeland’s food, fashion and wellness scenes.

We recently had a chance to interview Mike Lewis, an Indonesian entrepreneur and celebrity, who guides viewers through Lifestyle Advocates’ Indonesia episode. He gives us the low down on his career.

Mike Lewis – Photo by Hakim Satriyo

Lifestyle Asia (LSA): What is it like growing up in a multi-cultural environment?

Mike Lewis (ML): I think that growing up in a multi-cultural environment was extremely helpful for my growth, especially to expand my horizons. I became more open-minded, more accepting of new things because I was introduced to different ways of life so early. It is good to be able to enjoy the best out of both worlds, whatever best suits you.

LSA: What inspires you to pursue multiple careers (prominently as a model, a TV host and an entrepreneur)? 

ML: I think having a balance is always wonderful. I always believe in Yin and Yang and having multiple careers really helps me to keep that balance. Moreover, it keeps things fresh going back and forth between different jobs. I don’t get complacent. There is also a synergy between the things that I do, so the different businesses support each other as well.

LSA: What have you learned from each role? 

ML: As a model, I learned from an early age that confidence is everything. No matter how you look, whatever clothes you are wearing (and that can also be symbolic of life) if you wear them with confidence you can make anything look good; As a TV Host, I really have to put my personality forward. The lesson is just to relax and let yourself be silly, completely open up to everything and do not be afraid of messing things up. Because that’s what life is, you just do it and let the cards fall wherever they may and then play with what you have on your hand; As for entrepreneurship, that’s where more discipline comes in and more professionalism required. Being an entrepreneur really helped me to balance the other 2 creative sides by doing something a bit more rigid.

Mike Lewis – Photo by Hakim Satriyo

LSA: How would you describe your lifestyle, especially with such busy working schedule? 

ML: My lifestyle is just GO. It’s constantly moving, constantly adapting to my working schedules, even when I have very limited holidays in between. But most of my leisure activities are spontaneous. It is difficult for me to plan ahead because things are always changing but I love it. Despite the frequent travels and tight schedules, I always try to find time for a good meal and a workout. It’s a good balance, right?

LSA: That sounds very interesting indeed! So what are your proudest achievements till now?

ML:  My proudest achievements thus far in life include: My son – he is an angel and the best thing that could ever happen in my life. He gives me the purpose of achieving greater heights; My network – my friends, my family and my business. I can literally go anywhere in the world and know someone from the country. I think it is a great achievement as I know that I would do anything to help any of them. My mother has taught me, “do onto others and you would have them do onto you”, hence I always love to help people, even strangers. Likewise, I have a great circle of friends who I trust would be willing to do so much for me; My restaurant group – I have dreamed of having a restaurant ever since I was a part-time waiter back during University time. And the fact that people love our place gives me great satisfaction.

LSA: It is very inspiring to hear your stories. What excites you the most about hosting the Indonesia chapter of Lifestyle Advocates? 

ML: Being able to represent Indonesia is such a great honour for me. I really loved it and was so proud to be a part of Lifestyle Advocates. I also had a chance to interview some of my friends and those close to me to discover things that we don’t usually get a chance to talk about. And it all unfolds in front of the camera, not only in Indonesia but across the region. I hope that I did a good job, what do you think?

LSA: Definitely, we really enjoyed watching the Indonesia episode! Being a ‘global citizen’, do you have any particular place that you want to visit?

ML: Istanbul, Capetown, and Prague are on my wish-list, I would like to visit them soon. I have been in Asia for a while now and I have seen much of its beauty, but I still need to visit Vietnam.

LSA: Sounds great! We are sure that you will make it there in the near future! For now, if you are to convince our readers to visit Jakarta through 3 words, what would they be? 

ML: The 3 F’s: Food – Friendliness – Fashion

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