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Q&A: Tasha Lu for Hendrick’s Gin

We recently met with Tasha Lu, charismatic brand ambassador of Hendrick’s Gin for a quick chat at their The Great Cucumber Excursion event. Read on to find out her thoughts on tattoos and her first foray into the drinks business.

Lifestyle Asia (LSA): Firstly, tell us a little about yourself.

Tasha Lu (TL): Ok here we go — I’m 29, been bartending for nine years in Melbourne, Australia, lots of experience in training, educating and managing bars, it’s my passion! I am Australian. I love cats. I enjoy sword fighting with cucumbers and taxidermy.

LSA: What made you want to become a bartender?

TL: Not really knowing what I wanted to do after I finished high school. I had my first office job at 18 or 19, it was boring, dull and everyone was old. So I decided to work in a bar where I could get paid for having fun, make friends the same age who have same interests as me, and then it all happened from there.

LSA: Do you remember your first drink? What was it?

TL: The first alcohol that touched my lips was VB (Victoria Bitter), a typical Australian beer. First cocktail I made at home was a pina colada with whisky (wrong on so many levels), first cocktail I made as a bartender (I think) was a Mojito. I shook it in a cocktail shaker (you’re not meant to shake a Mojito). The first cocktail I tried with Hendrick’s Gin was an Eastside, which was absolutely refreshing and delicious!

Tasha Lu-1
“Always do the best you can, because no one can say otherwise.”

LSA: What’s the best way to enjoy Hendrick’s?

TL: That’s like asking someone the best way to enjoy ice cream. In a bowl? In a cone? With or without sprinkles? Everyone has different preferences, tastes, palates. I like to enjoy my Hendrick’s in a Negroni or with champagne in a French 75 cocktail because I like to be fancy sometimes. But you can’t go wrong with a Hendricks & Tonic with a slice of cucumber!

LSA: What would you tell anybody who wants to follow in your footsteps?

TL: Always do the best you can, because no one can say otherwise. If you are passionate about what you do it doesn’t become work, it becomes easy. And lastly, you never want to be the smartest person in the room. You’d want to be in a room where others are smarter than you – so you can learn from them and be better yourself.

LSA: Tell us about your tattoos – how many do you have for now, and do you plan on stopping?

I have many tattoos, I don’t count them. They are for me and not for anyone else; I think a lot of people with tattoos would say the same. They are little art pieces that represent certain important things to me. Think of it this way — walls in your home are blank, you would want to hang a beautiful art piece on that wall to look at every day. It makes the room look nicer and the art you pick may be an expression of yourself, your family or friends. I’d stop getting tattoos until there is no blank skin. Everybody has their own opinions on what beauty is and everyone is unique, I’m lucky to be able to be my unique self.

To see more of Tasha, follow her on Instagram @tashaalexalu


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