Today would have been the late Michael Jackson’s 60th birthday. The rendition of ‘Gone too Soon’ by Usher at the Jackson’s memorial in 2009 brought tears (and goosebumps) to fellow friends and fans across the world.

The death of the American singer-songwriter, who brought some of our favourite tunes including Man in the Mirror, Smooth Criminal and Heal the World, was truly hard to grasp. Nine years since his passing, the singer is very much remembered as the icon he was born to be.

Known to the world as the ‘King of Pop’, Jackson first found fame in the 1960s with his four older brothers in the music group, the Jackson 5. In times when music and fashion were in a radical state of confusion, Jackson found his groove and entertained the world with music, dance moves and looks that broke convention.

His iconic styles both on and off stage were instantly related, recognisable and remembered for their one-of-a-kind charm and creativity. The fashion icon was also known for his revolutionary music videos that made the entire world danced and swooned to his beat.

But it was the white studded gloves, shiny shoes and military statement jacket in his Billie Jean’s performance that stood out as one of the most iconic looks of the 80s — and impersonated over the years. Jackson’s love for royal military look was also the reason why he was called the ‘King of Pop’.

Some of his famous fashion moments were captured in his anecdotal music videos. Remember the bright red leather jacket that complemented the cinematography of his Thriller video? And the suave white suit and fedora in Smooth Criminal with an armband, which Jackson reportedly chose to wear on his right arm to remind people of children who were suffering around the world.

In fact, the Hugo Boss white suit worn by Jackson on this 1982 Thriller album cover is getting a limited run in honour of the legend’s 60th birthday. The updated edition of Jackson’s Thriller suit which is released today will be limited to 100 and priced at US$ 1,195 each.  

Jackson may be gone too soon, but his unapologetic statement appearances are remembered by everyone for all the right reasons — even though some looks (and crotch-grabbing moves) would result to some revolting responses. Hit play on ‘Thriller’ now and scroll through to see some of Michael Jackson’s most iconic fashion styles of his lifetime.