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For invaluable life advice, these are the TikTok accounts to follow

Update your TikTok feed with these content creators who actually bring some purpose and meaning onto the video-sharing app.

As we all know, TikTok has been the go-to app for both the millennials and Gen-Z. The short-video-sharing social networking app has become one of the biggest social media platforms of our day and age. This is especially true during the early days of COVID-19 last year — TikTok became one of the most-used apps during that time.

Aside from its ban in certain countries for unscrupulous reasons, TikTok still garners massive following through its 800 million active users worldwide. Of course, a somewhat large portion of that (150 million users) are from China, which utilises its Chinese-counterpart app, Douyin. A regular TikTok video varies between a couple of seconds to a full minute, giving users the chance to get creative.

The number of genres you’ll find on the app are staggering. From the regular dance to food, comedy, education, and everything else in-between, TikTok has become a place where one can go viral for a few days and then just die down, given the amount of content one consumes in a day. Instead of bogging yourself down with mind-numbing dance routines or even boring comedy skits and pranks, TikTok is also helping to keep yourself educated and woke.

These are all the TikTok content creators you should be following for invaluable life advice. From real estate to dental care as well as science and even car maintenance, we’ve got you covered.


Credit: @nilered

If you ever studied chemistry and hated it, give Nile Red a try. Having been on YouTube since 2014, he rose to fame through TikTok as well, giving younger generations a fun and interesting way to learn about science and chemistry. Most of his videos are in the millions with him having over 3.7 million followers and over 60 million total views.


Credit: @what_about_bunny

Looking for some wholesome content with splashes of brilliance thrown in? Bunny is a one-year-old poodle-mix breed that has wowed the world with its level of intellect. Bunny communicates with its owner via a “language board” that features a number of buttons with various words that speaks out the word printed on said button. To fully understand just how Bunny speaks with her carer, just head on over to their TikTok channel.


Credit: @drsylvialim

We all know how to brush our teeth — but have we really been it doing it right all this while? Dr Sylvia Lim is here to help as she teaches us everything we need to know and understand about our pearly whites. She also helps to debunk some myths, like how you should be resting your tongue on the roof of your mouth to ensure you don’t have any double-chin. She also touches on various dental hygiene care, which will be great for everyone. Bonus: She’s also a Malaysian.


Credit: @realestateguy

Always wanted to know how you can actually invest and start buying your first property? Having both a TikTok and YouTube channel, he is able to bridge the gap between knowledge and information when it comes to the real estate industry in Malaysia. You can learn first-housing schemes as well as having a better understanding of the real estate market in Malaysia as a whole.


Credit: @dr_ingky

Seeing as we’ll be stuck at home for the foreseeable future, let Dr Lim Ing Kien guide you through on your skincare routine. Known as the ‘Skin Doctor’ on TikTok, his channel is filled with useful tips and advice on how to best care for your skin. On how to choose the right skincare for your skin or even busting skincare myths, you’ll sure to pick up a thing or two.


Credit: @mrmoneytvchannel

It’s always good to have a back-up plan as opposed to putting all your eggs into one market. Learn how to diversify your money as well as various financial plans with Mr Money TV. Here, you can learn all you need to know about the stock market and everything related to it. This is great for beginners who have no clue about how to start investing in the stock market.


Want to learn more about car maintenance as well as the do’s and don’t’s and much more? Check out Carlson Chia’s TikTok channel where he talks about everything you ever wanted to know, learn, and understand about cars. His advice are educational and straightforward, making it easy for just about anyone to understand.

For invaluable life advice, these are the TikTok accounts to follow

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