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Achieve zen at home with these 5 smart bath trends to dominate 2018

Bathrooms are more than just a place to wash off the grit. With the first and last moments of our days spent in them, they have evolved into personal sanctuaries. They have become a sacred space, where we can retreat to and relax after a stressful day. Just like a personal spa.

It makes sense, then, that more homeowners are remodelling their bathrooms into places of zen. Warm and inviting, this new breed of master bathrooms tend to be more open. And they are more focused on delivering a rejuvenating and personalised bath experience that only sophisticated design and smart technology can provide.

As technology advances, we’re seeing the home spa of our fantasies come to life. From intelligent showers with digitised control panels to chromatherapy bathtubs, the latest bath trends now harness the creative use of light and the sound of falling water to rejuvenate one’s mind. Some shower systems also offer a complete multi-media sensory experience, allowing homeowners to enjoy more opportunities for relaxation and entertainment.

From hydrotherapy bathtubs to waterproof mirrors with integrated television, check out these 5 smart bath trends that can make your bathroom so luxurious, you’ll feel like you need to make an appointment to get in.

Digital showers

Thermostatic and programmable showers top the list of the most wanted smart bath feature this year. It gives high-end homeowners a chance to truly personalise their bath experience. And if you were James Bond, you would want to have this shower, which comes with an LED-illuminated digital interface that sets your own preferences.

This U by Moen Shower digital shower controller even lets you use your own smartphone to control water quantity, temperature and pressure such as the type of spray. From a steady stream to pulsating jets, you can enjoy the perfect wake-up shower or end the day with a wind-down setting. Other Thermasol models take it up a notch by adding in serenity light, sound, and rain shower systems.

Chromatherapy bath tub

Personal spa-like experiences don’t stop at steam showers. They get even more exciting with chromatherapy bathtubs, which feature coloured lights for a more relaxing bath.

Take the Kohler’s Underscore Rectangle VibrAcoustic bath tub, for example. With a sequence of eight colours, its chromatherapy lights will take your mind off unnecessary worries. It also has hidden speakers emitting sound waves through the water. These speakers can  even be used for your own music playlists.

Smart toilet

Smart toilets are trendy this year, especially those that basically do everything: From opening and closing to self-cleaning, integrated hands-free bidets and driers, seat warming, nighttime lighting, and air filters.

Toto’s Neorest 750H is one of the most sought-after smart toilets around. It features an adjustable heated seat, automated lid, deodoriser and flush, as well a night light and a remote control. Its multiple bidet wash modes even include oscillating and pulsing comfort washing. And like going into the spa, you would never have to clean up after yourself as this toilet is equipped with a UV light system built into the lid, which purifies porcelain immediately post-usage. It also has a misting system that sprays electrolysed water, and a tornado flush that keeps your toilet clean.

Waterproof mirror TV

Televisions concealed behind mirrors look set to make waves this year. Using the latest tech, integrated waterproof mirrors now allow TV and movie buffs as well as audiophiles to remain entertained at all times while grooming at home.

Just turn the switch on and magically transform this beautiful mirror into a 19-inch or 27-inch television. With its recessed in-wall design, this Séura Hydra Indoor Waterproof TV also features a seamless glass face. It won’t matter if you want to place it on top of a bathroom dresser or next to the tub. These TVs are engineered for a safe, fog-free and uninterrupted watching experience.

Towel warmer

Automated controls, chromatherapy lights, and waterproof TVs may top luxury homeowners’ requests this year. But towel warmers and radiant heat are standards that won’t disappear in our master bathrooms.

Vola’s electric towel-warming rails push the boundaries of design. With a built-in unit hiding all technical elements behind the wall, it replaces the more common radiator-style warmers. This modular system also has a self-closing timer which shuts off automatically after two hours at full power and is equipped with temperature regulation.