You know it’s happened to you before: a particular perfume evokes memories of a certain person or the smell of saltwater brings to mind a fond memory of a holiday by the beach. Scents trigger memories, which is why you should create beautiful memories at home with the right room scents. Make that possible with scented candles, but don’t just get any brand — we have several Malaysian scented candle brands to introduce.

One thing you’ll realise about these local scented candle brands is that they’re made of soy wax. What makes them better than the commercially-made paraffin candles is that they emit fewer toxins, are not as likely to trigger allergies, and burn at a lower heat. Soy candles are also vegan, as they’re made of plant-based materials instead of petroleum, like paraffin.

A growing trend in handmade candles is also wooden candlewicks. Instead of the regular string candlewicks, wooden candlewicks allegedly burns evenly, eliminating the blackened soot flames that usually happen with the former. This also means that they don’t require trimming.

Ready to make your home smell delightful? Shop these Malaysian scented-candle brands now.

Fluffy & Co

Why limit your scented candles to just your home? Bring your favourite scent with you even during your travels with Fluffy & Co’s 80g travel-sized candles. The scents come with dreamy names, like Mimpi Melati which consists of jasmine and ylang ylang, and Day Spa which has lemongrass and lemon. Their labels are also entirely customisable if you want them as a gift for a special someone.


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If you’re into scented candles made by our own artisans, you probably already have a jar of Lilin+Co in your home. The minimal packaging is appealing (also customisable), and the brand has a pretty wide range of scents available. Black Tea & Lychee is one of their classics and best-selling scents, and last Christmas they even had two seasonal scents: Mulled Wine and Blackcurrant & Plum. Here’s hoping they bring it back this year.

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12:09 Candle Co

While most brands stick to white or black labels, 12:09 Candle Co stands out proudly with a bold red label. We love the scent offerings including Rose Geranium, Lemongrass & Tangerine, and a classic Lavender. Also, this brand is the only one in the list that uses a wooden candlewick — it means that there is no need to trim the wick over time and the candle burns evenly. Minimal effort on our end with maximum enjoyment.

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PohNee Chin
Editor, Kuala Lumpur
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