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Knock on wood: 5 best artisanal carpenters in KL

Step aside, IKEA. Carpenters in KL are ramping up their woodwork game, with beautiful homeware, art installations, chic furniture and anything under the sun. These carpenters are passionate about showcasing the beauty of our local wood, and some even incorporate used wood and Malaysian-grown bamboo as environmentally friendly options.

Some are self-taught carpenters, while others are collectives — either way, they all offer high quality, bespoke woodwork that is shaping our cultural spaces. From furniture to decorative ornaments and even cruiser skateboards, these artisans’ craftsmanship inject a dash of whimsy into otherwise ordinary settings.

Here are the 5 best artisanal carpenters in KL, for all your woodwork needs.

(Featured image: Nolin Teh Carpentry)

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Nolin Teh

Best known for her hexagonal stools and geometric coffee tables, you wouldn’t have thought Nolin Teh is a self-taught carpenter. She also creates other wooden wares that are beautiful additions to your home, such as a geometric coffee tray (that can double as wall art), bathtub trays and pin-legged cabinets.


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Craftsmanship, creativity and community is key to everything that Kedai produces. It specialises in concept design and working with mixed materials, where its creations range from furniture and cafe booths to art installations and signboards. Kedai’s art studio is also an open space for artists to collaborate and experiment, and it frequently conducts practical workshops for those who are keen to learn about woodwork.


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Harith Green Carpenter

Founded by Harith Ridzuan, this homegrown company is dedicated to using up-cycled wood instead of new timber, so as to promote sustainability. Ridzuan also incorporates reclaimed metals and wood into his designs as a greener solution for interior spaces and furniture. Some of his designs also feature Malaysian-grown bamboo planks as an alternative to new timber.


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Fine Grit Studio

Specialising in custom-made wood products, Fine Grit Studio has created a myriad of furniture items such as table tops, coffee tables, doors, alongside smaller curiosities like rings, Kufic art and cruiser skateboards — some of which are fashioned with very chic, pin legs. The carpenters at the studio are also passionate about showcasing local wood types such as nyatoh and semangkok.



5 /5

Bawang Studio
Bawang Studio wears many hats, from architecture, design to interior consultancy. It also builds some amazing wood products for personal and retail spaces. With a belief that good design can solve everyday problems, the studio creates practical yet stylish furniture that blends seamlessly with the design of the overall environment.


Knock on wood: 5 best artisanal carpenters in KL

Michelle Liu

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