A single flower or an elaborate bouquet may express love, apology, remembrance, celebration or simply a thoughtful gesture. Throughout the many civilisations, flowers have played a significant role as gifts and acts of goodwill. This generational tradition puts flowers as a part of a human connection.

The language of flowers has existed since ancient Egyptian times. But it was during the Victorian era that people began to appreciate flowers in a whole new way. Flowers accompanied letters and messages, tied up in little tufts or bouquets to convey sentiments to others – oftentimes from a man to a woman.

Today, it no longer registers as out of the ordinary for a woman to give flowers to a man. The act of flower-giving continues to be a tradition that celebrates friendship, love and more than that. Why not customise an artisanal bouquet from one of these flower delivery services in KL for your loved one – it is a meaningful gesture that everyone can appreciate tremendously.

(Featured image: Daun & Petals)

Daun + Petals

Founders Cherlyn Tan and Claris Lew started Daun & Petals via Instagram in 2016 with just regular two-sized bunches using seasonal flowers. Over the years, the self-taught florists have expanded their services to floral styling for special events, weddings, parties and more. You can customise everything in your orders from types of flowers to colour preferences and even the size that you want.

(Image credit: Daun + Petals)


Mekar is established in 2015 and has been providing floral decoration services for a long list of clientele. It focuses on flower arrangements in vases, baskets and tight bouquets – ensuring each delivery fits perfectly on the desk or in the centre of a dining table.

(Image credit: Mekar)

Visage Dawson

If you’re looking for dried bouquets, Visage Dawson’s Instagram is where you should be looking at. Its selection of crafty arrangements in beautiful pastel colour combinations has a subtle charm especially with the use of eucalyptus, English roses and white pom poms. Visage Dawson is also known for extravagant rose bouquets for proposals and special occasions.

(Image credit: Visage Dawson)

Heva Gifts

Heva Gifts is a one-stop for flowers and gifts, especially if you’re looking to customise something extravagant for a romantic occasion or to commemorate a very important day with your loved ones. With over four years in the market, Heva Gift is definitely the go-to florist for fresh tulips that can be wrapped beautifully with chocolate-dipped strawberries, marshmallows and more.

(Image credit: Heva Gifts)

The Scarlet Flower

The Scarlet Flower is an expert in creating exclusive designer bouquets. You can either pick from the available designs from its gallery or customise something special according to the preferred colour, flower choices and theme. The Scarlet Flower also does flower delivery arrangements for parties, weddings and events.

(Image credit: The Scarlet Flower)

Flower Chimp

You can never say no to a lush hand-tied bouquet filled with blooms of roses, tuberoses and daisies. Flower Chimp is where you can customise large bouquets to show your appreciation and love to the ones who matter. There is a wide selection of flowers to choose from including arrangements methods – go for a classic bouquet to surprise your date or a simple arrangement in a vase for Mother’s Day.

(Image credit: Flower Chimp)


Scentales is here to attend to your needs whether you’re on the hunt for a memorable gift to your special person or as a surprise to your best friend. What caught our eye were the thoughtful gift boxes to the dreamy preserved flower glass globes and adorable curated florals, like the Unicorn Kraft bag. There’s always something to cater to your palette, be sure to check out the website for more.

(Image credit: Scentales)


Here’s another florist worth mentioning: Downers is known for its customisable bouquet e-commerce service and all you need to do is order online for a breezy transaction. Start by picking your favourite blooms from the florists by choosing either the bestseller bouquets or by customising your own. It will then be crafted and sent out for delivery on the same day to you.

(Image credit: Downers)

Hari Sunday

We’re sure you’ve seen Hari Sunday making its way on your Instagram feed lately. With its full of life arrangements, it’s hard to turn your gaze away from the floral blooms once you’ve set your eyes on it. What’s so unique about Hari Sunday is how each arrangement is unique when you order your preferred design as the curated blooms and decorative detail may vary depending on the seasonal availability. But let’s just say we’re treating each order as a surprise because you won’t know what you’re going to get.

(Image credit: Hari Sunday)

Hua Bar

Hua Bar is here to assist you by making a fantastic gesture to your partner with their extravagant blooms. You’ll be blown away by the delightful assortment of roses in your desired hues to OTT arrangments like the Quinn blooms and dreamy flower baskets fit for a special occasion. There’s always something for everyone and we feel that this is one of the best pit-stops to note down based on its exquisite blooms.

(Image credit: Hua Bar)

Hana Florist

With over 39.7k followers and counting, Hana Florist will blow you away with the dreamiest floral arrangements in gorgeous pastel hues and romantic reds for a charming touch. If you’re into simple bouquets with a major wow-factor, Hana Florist is the place to be. Be sure to contact them three days in advance and keep in mind that they’re also available for event decors if you’re looking at hosting in the near future.

(Image credit: Hana Florist)