A single flower or an elaborate bouquet may express love, apology, remembrance, celebration or simply a thoughtful gesture. Throughout the many civilisations, flowers have played a significant role as gifts and acts of goodwill. This generational tradition puts flowers as a part of a human connection.

The language of flowers has existed since ancient Egyptian times. But it was during the Victorian era that people began to appreciate flowers in a whole new way. Flowers accompanied letters and messages, tied up in little tufts or bouquets to convey sentiments to others – oftentimes from a man to a woman.

Today, it no longer registers as out of the ordinary for a woman to give flowers to a man. The act of flower-giving continues to be a tradition that celebrates friendship, love and more than that. Why not customise an artisanal bouquet from one of these flower delivery services in KL for your loved one – it is a meaningful gesture that everyone can appreciate tremendously. (Featured image: Daun & Petals)