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Make staying at home better with these luxury bedding brands

Now that you’re going to be staying at home a lot more, the bed is most definitely your sanctuary — so why not make it luxurious?

When it comes to your bedroom, you might be overlooking one of the most important detail: your bed. On average, a person spends about a third of their lifetime in bed, and now that working from home has become the norm, the number of hours you spend under your covers may just increase. We can’t emphasise the importance of beddings enough: they are the first thing you see when you step into the room and the last thing you feel before drifting off to sleep. Hence, it’s not just about looking pretty — your bedsheets have got to feel good too. 

With so many luxury bedding labels on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Thread counts, materials, colours — throw all that complication out of the window and turn to our guide on the best luxury bedding brands to turn to, and embrace the better night’s rest that comes with.


Luxury Bedding brands
(Image credit: Sheridan)

Australian-brand Sheridan has always been a trusted name for those looking to get a comfortable night’s rest. Though prices can get a little higher than most, products from Sheridan are made to last. Many customers reflect a consistent, outstanding quality that is not compromised, even after regular washing over the years.

Get your Sherdian sheets online

L.L Bean

Luxury Bedding brands
(Image credit: L.L Bean)

L.L Bean’s 280-thread count sheets are woven from 100 percent Pima cotton for a smooth and delicate feel. They are also the perfect weight for the summer, cool-to-the-touch and cosy enough even when the air-conditioning is on. After grabbing them out of your washer and dryer, the sheets come out fresh and crisp, making it easy to fit them over your mattress without a crinkle in place. Although the Pima sheets only come in seven basic colours, you can always jazz up your bed with some throws or printed pillows. 

L.L Bean is available online


Luxury Bedding brands
(Image credit: Brooklinen)

Brooklinen first started as a Kickstarter project in 2014, but they’ve quickly wooed and won the hearts of homeowners over the years. Their Luxe Sheets are made from the best long-fibre cotton, which is then woven into single-ply yarn for some of the finest and softest threads around. The Luxe Collection is made with a sateen weave, which in layman terms means that although the sheets can feel slightly warmer, they come with a comforting weighted feel that many love. 

Brooklinen ships directly to Malaysia.

Sunday Bedding

Luxury Bedding brands
(Image credit: Sunday Bedding)

Local brand Sunday Bedding first made its debut in 2018 with founders Clara Teo and Alex Fan. Together, they decided to make use of their experience in textile manufacturing to create high-quality, simple bed linens for homeowners just like themselves. Currently, the brand stocks bed linens made out of either Bamboo Sateen or Cotton Sateen, both of which will ensure your lazy Sunday mornings are only going to get better. All products also come with a two-year warranty. 

Head to Sunday Bedding’s website here


Luxury Bedding brands
(Image credit: Cultiver)

Cultiver gained a cult-like (yes, that’s a bad pun) following over the last couple of years due to their range of luxuriously soft, comfortable linen and duvet cover sheets. The Australian firm’s beddings are made from European flax cotton, which are then pre-washed with natural enzymes for maximum softness. The beddings come with a slightly heftier price tag, but with both beauty and functionality set at a high bar, the price is definitely worth it. 

Find Cultiver online here.

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