Omar Khan once said: “The rug should be the first thing you see when walking into a space. It is the initial pièce de résistance that you must decide on first before anything else. It should never be the last thing you’d buy for your living room.”

The illustrated rug designer and founder of Omar Khan Rugs, whose portfolio has been superbly impressive over the past few years, has proven a valid point. It is always hard to try and find a piece of rug that simply fits into the common space or bedroom. Sometimes, it appears too small (if you have a rather large home) or just too big for your rooms.

Omar Khan (Credit: heartpatrick)

Rug making is a form of artistry. Hand-tufted, hand-woven or hand-sewn, this craft of making rugs by hand spans time, civilisation and cultures. The art of hand-knotted rugs, which is said to originate from Caspian Sea region (today northern Iran), has been revolutionised over the years and its process is an approving understanding of both methodology and aesthetics.

However, many of these traditional techniques have inspired the making of rugs today. From dyeing techniques to weaving skills, there is still a small scattering community around the world who is still preserving this form of art.

The process of rug making combines intricate artistry and intense labour. (Credit: Omar Khan Rugs)

At home, we appreciate the rug as the ‘piece’ that brings everything together. We look at colour, texture, gradient, comfort and maintenance. And the rug is always a long-term investment at home. Its prominence in a space brings forth theater and cosiness – and that’s what we call the carpet effect.

So where can you find good rug makers in Malaysia? – Even better, those who can customise sizes and colours to fit into your preferred scheme. From quintessential traditional leitmotifs to contemporary inspired pieces, meet the local rug makers who have the best to offer.