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Set the mood right with these ornamental home diffusers

Introduce calm and aesthetics into your home with these diffusers, because why not?

Just like candles, room sprays, and aromatherapy, diffusers play a role in invigorating the olfactory nerves to the emotional centre of the brain — giving you a feel good factor that is very much needed in today’s context. Having a sense of calm is always a good idea especially when you’re at home.

While you’re organising your shelves, take a moment to decide on getting a diffuser that would not only introduce a sensorial journey through scents but one that would add aesthetics to your home. Tinted glass, ceramic or even paper, these diffusers are made to be functional and ornamental at the same time. 

Here are six ornamental home diffusers that are not only #aesthetics, but would instantly get the approval of every scent snob in your life.


The latest to join the collection of Home Objects is the Trudon Diffuser. Shaped out of the same emblematic Trudon-green glass, the 350ml fluter container is adorned with a gold emblem and is topped with 100% recyclable aluminium ring. The diffuser lasts up to three to four months long, and is available in six iconic scents including Spiritus Sancti (fresh incense), Joséphine (floral bouquet), Odalisque (Mediterranean flowers) and three of Trudon’s best-selling Abd El Kader, Ernesto, and Cymos. The Trudon Diffuser is also refillable.

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The scent of Une Maison de Campagne transports you into the bucolic garden where wildflowers blossom among blackcurrant bushes and brambles laden with blackberries. It is a sensual scent with a sliver of wilderness, a all-day fragrance that you’d like in any part of the house. The glass bottle contains 190ml of perfume and eight scented sticks, lasting you up to three months.

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Take a moment to appreciate the beautiful folds of the paper scented diffuser that would make a beautiful decor in your home. The scent on this paper-made ‘globe’, Une Forêt d’Or, takes you on a walk into the forest, with bright nuances of pine, fresh oranges and mandarins. The invigorating notes are perfect for Sunday mornings, for you to immerse in while sipping tea and reading your favourite book. This paper scented diffuser also comes in the Un Air d’Hadrien variant.

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The wafting perfume of Namibian myrrh, warm almond and lush vanilla notes of tonka beans introduces a sensual and intoxicating touch to any room. Perfect for relaxing evenings, the best-selling Jo Malone diffuser can last up to four months. It comes in a sleek black bottle stamped with the iconic Jo Malone emblem in the centre — a statement piece in any contemporary space.

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Concealed within this attractive modern-looking object is a smart solution to fragrance in any room. Your scent of choice is delicately diffused, offering an imaginary sensorial journey in large spaces. More than just a diffuser, the olfactory treasure box adds an aesthetic touch to any room. And best of all, you can switch cartridges easily as often as you please with your desired scents. 

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This new electric wall diffuser is the latest innovation in the “Un Air de diptyque” collection. The compact yet practical design is the brand’s response to the desire for liberty, simplicity and a nomadic approach — the ability to scent wherever you are in a single gesture. Plug it in to the nearest switch at a desired corner in your home, and let the encapsulated perfume beads release their fragrance into the space. The interchangeable cartridges for the electric diffuser are sold separately, comprising nine best-selling scents of Diptyque.

Tip: If you’re putting it close to your bed, choose an all-day scent like Baies or Figuier for a fresh woody and vibrant ambience. 

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