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Splurge: This Prada paperclip will set you back RM795

Just as when you thought nothing could ever top Balenciaga’s ridiculously expensive paper bag (that was surprisingly sold out last week), Prada comes along to direct your attention to its shiny new accessory: An extravagant paperclip. While it may look just like those common office supplies that are probably strewn across your desk, the Italian luxury fashion house swears it’s anything but.

Made out of polished sterling silver, the latest design from Prada looks like an attempt to woo the well-heeled with too much cash to spare but hate carrying their wallets around. Measuring around 6.25cm long and 2.25cm wide, this fancy accessory is actually a paperclip-shaped money clip. It is certainly big enough to hold your currency notes or credit and membership cards together.

With a back-to-basics design, Prada has created a paperclip-shaped money clip that’s meant to hold currency notes and cards together.

Sure, an Italian-made money clip with “Prada” embossed on one side seems like a more stylish alternative than a lumpy purse jammed with cards and IDs you don’t use often. Tucking it neatly into the pocket of your trousers or blazer also sounds like a good plan. But the question is: Is anyone out there willing to spend RM795 – for an oversized paperclip?

Seriously, think about it. Obviously less strong than gold, silver tarnishes over time. We can already imagine the uncomfortable feeling of sitting on the heavy paperclip-shaped silver at the back pocket of your jeans — assuming, of course, that it won’t fall into the toilet when you go to the lavatory.

Made out of polished sterling silver, the fancy accessory measures around 6.25cm long and 2.25cm wide.

But hey, do as you please. If you’re really into this back-to-basics design, or just really hate your wallet, this money clip is available on Barneys New York. Aside from clipping your money together, you might as well get creative with it. We’re absolutely positive your partners will sign your business proposals sooner if a Prada paperclip keeps the pages together.

(Images: Prada)