We’ve started our countdown to Christmas. It is that time of year where every household will be decorated with Christmas trees, embellished with crystals, glittery balls, turtledoves and knitted socks. Underneath, fancifully wrapped presents circle the tree, waiting to be unboxed on Christmas day.

You probably already have an idea on what to buy for the boozehound in your life or that one friend you only see once a year because he or she travels all year round. Perhaps it is a luxurious cashmere scarf or a sporty timepiece – they make great gifts for the receiver, we all know that.

What about something functional and useful for the home? Whether it is a pretty piece of porcelain that could double up as decoration, or a functional home gadget, your friends and loved ones will thank you for them. Be sure to know what really ‘missing’ for their home before going shopping. If they are collectors of antique plates and copperware, an extra piece to the collection is fine. If they just moved in and need something to complete the home, think along the lines of small appliances like a portable speaker, coffee machine or even a mixer (if they enjoy baking).

A gift for the home can be really meaningful when you find the right thing. Home items are usually not a priority, especially when it comes to spending responsibly. If you have some extra moolah to splurge, especially with Christmas around the corner, put a smile on your loved ones with something memorable.