The Versace Home 2018 collection celebrates the family through a collection inspired by the Versace home in Via Gesù. It’s warmth, intimacy and opulence with a contemporary twist accentuated by the brand’s hallmark emblem – the head of Medusa – as well as its signature black and gold colour schemes appear throughout the entire collection, giving each piece its own significant aesthetic.

From plush fabrics to voluminous gold accents, the Versace Home Collection has always been synonymously associated with luxe and posh living. In previous years, the fashion house has been featuring burly male models with their perfectly chiseled bodies wrapped in luxurious textiles with Versace’s signature leitmotifs in their campaign lookbook.

This year, the collection is presented in an ultra contemporary and minimalistic setting. With shapes that harken back to the brand’s history and roots, every design component is reconsidered to suit today’s market demands. Versace’s latest collection of chairs now invites you to play ‘Goldilocks’ for a moment as we pick our favourites from the 2018 catalogue.