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Hotel-style bathroom trends to inspire a luxurious update

There’s nothing more luxurious than a hotel-style bathroom in the comfort of your home. You want to walk into a chic and comfortable bathroom after a long day – delighting in the beauty of a gorgeous interior while relaxing those tense muscles under a state-of-the-art rainshower.

A hotel bathroom is the ultimate design choice when it comes to adding a touch of glamour to your home. Look at the way tiles are laid – in minimalistic straight lines or the visually impactful chevron – or the elegant fittings and accessories that rival the luxurious experience of a hotel bathroom.

From boutique designs to glamourous his-and-hers configurations, there are many ways to create the five-star bathroom that you’ve desired all this while. Follow the footsteps of some of the world’s best hotels to give your bathrooms a luxurious update.


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Closer to Nature

Embrace the tropical weather with a bathroom that brings you closer to nature. Elegant faucets and vintage-style tubs give a contemporary touch to the traditional Balinese design style. (Four Seasons Bali)

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Terrazzo Edge

Enter The William Vale and be inspired by an extravagant display of geometric mirrors with complementing terrazzo surfaces in an all-white bathroom. If you’re not a fan of terrazzo, substitute with granite (with small specks) or veiny marble to create similar visual impact. (The William Vale)

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High Contrasts

Inside the Vue Beijing, a whimsical play of colour-tinted screens creates a nice contrast against dark marble surfaces. Contrary to popular belief, this approach is great for smaller bathrooms — darker schemes bring forth a more glamourous outlook. (Vue Beijing)

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Creative Tiling

Bored of conventional tiles? 2019 invites you to embrace new materials and finishes on the wall — think chevron, asymmetrical cuts and herringbone. (Sangha by Octave)

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White Marble

Create a decadent bathroom outfitted in creamy white Carrara marble like this one in London’s Hotel Café Royal. A handcrafted marble tub in similar material acts as a centrepiece to this luxurious bathroom setting. (Hotel Café Royal)

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Mosaic All Over

Mosaic is making a huge comeback in 2019. And by huge we mean all over the space. Duotone mosaic finishes on the floor, walls and ceiling create a truly luxurious feel without being too ostentatious. This is the kind subtle elegance that is preferred by most ardent minimalists. (Sangha by Octave)

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Wooden Floor

Walk into a bathroom that invites you closer to nature with wooden flooring that brings in warmth and cosiness. Match wood tones with ultra-sleek white surfaces to create a contemporary look. (Chivasom)

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Private Retreat

If you’re thinking of what to do in your 2,000 sq.ft. bathroom space, think of a retreat-like walk-in area that provides everything you’d expect from a five-star spa. Curate the space with your personal likings that may include a rain shower, zen garden and an en-suite walk-in wardrobe. (Dedon Island)

Hotel-style bathroom trends to inspire a luxurious update

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