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Smother yourself in holiday cheer with the exquisite Cartier Objects

The latest Cartier objects are just the thing to add to your wishlist, or consider gifting your loved ones.

This time last year as the Christmas season was taking root, Cartier introduced a new collection of objects and accessories that included music boxes and stationery, tackling the themes of decoration, writing, childhood, and games.

This year, Cartier expands further on that theme with colourful puzzle sets, a checkers board, and the familiar comforts of the home. With the same eye for detail and a likeness in style that’s identifiable at first glance, the latest range of Cartier objects is festive, playful and precious, showing appreciation for l’art de vivre — the joy and pleasure of living.

Showcasing two collections revolving around the theme of playfulness and decorative flair, Cartier works with a selection of luxurious materials for this year’s release — bisque porcelain, delicate paper, cashmere, and lacquered wood.

Panthère de Cartier Collection

In 1917 a nécessaire was gifted to Jeanne Toussaint by Louis Cartier bearing the iconic design of the panther portrayed between two cypress trees — and it has become part of Cartier’s legend and makes an appearance throughout a collection of stylish objects. From paper for large matchboxes to cashmere for cushions, the panther emerges; magnetic and captured in profile.

The Panthère de Cartier collection encapsulates the pleasure of living. Tone-on-tone cushions and blankets in beige, blue and red; made from cashmere combined with Merino wool. A checkers game — black and white, made from lacquered wood with a golden finish. A set of large matchboxes and a vase, to complete the home.

Diabolo de Cartier Collection

In Cartier’s second collection, the objects boldly flaunt the Maison’s great codes. Intended to showcase its new colours and new materials, the Diabolo de Cartier collection features motifs that are symbolic, such as the bellboy, the iconic panther and the Cartier logo.

The collection therefore begins with a selection of precious materials, envisioning a playful and decorative end to the year: a snow globe dedicated to the panther, and Christmas ornaments in glass or porcelain to be tied with a red ribbon. A leather medallion with decor, a key ring stamp and wax seal ‘seal’ the collection — in lacquer and golden finish.

Ranging from practical to playful, the Diabolo de Cartier collection also includes a card game, a puzzle and stationery with a bellboy being chased by a panther — capturing that theme of childhood at Christmas.

The Cartier Objects collections are available from December 2021 onwards, while select objects will be available for purchase from January 2022 onwards. For more information about Cartier Objects, visit the official website.

Puteri Yasmin Suraya
Brand and Partnerships Writer
As a literature buff, Yasmin has a deep love for fiction and poetry. When she’s not writing or café-hopping, she enjoys binge-watching period romances, (badly) belting out show tunes, and curating Spotify playlists to match her mood for the week.
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