Performance trainers are not a one size fits all situation. Walk in any store and you’ll see a plethora of options: running, training, high-impact, and walking. And that’s not even sifting out the high-tech options and kicks that boast comfort. Given the choice, it can be overwhelming when it comes to selecting one. Keep in mind that picking a pair of perfect trainers is not just about choosing for comfort — a common mistake buyers make while purchasing. The durability, stability, weight, and size matters as well.

How do you start? Ask yourself these questions: ‘How long will I be running?’, ‘Can I use this for other training, like weight lifting or jungle trekking?’, ‘How fast do I want to run?’, ‘What type of road will I be running on?’, ‘Will I be running fast in the marathon or am I taking it easy this time?’. Answering them correctly brings you closer to your perfect performance trainers.

Here’s one more factor to consider: Your pronation pattern. Pronation is the way you walk, or how your foot rolls inwards when you walk or run. Running with the wrong set of performance trainers, may result in injuries. The same goes to selecting trainers based on your weight. For example, if you are heavier in weight, go for the ones with extra cushioning so it’ll reduce the stress on your knees and lower legs, landings will be much comfortable too.

While choosing the best performance trainers for you sounds impossible after considering the factors above, it’s not. Take your time in deciding, don’t feel pressured by the sales person to purchase them immediately, always have a few to consider just in case one doesn’t work out, and most importantly, do not purchase just because it’s on trend. We round up five performance trainers with different features so you can get a head start onto choosing for your next marathon.