Going to the gym can be both a nasty and intimidating affair. It doesn’t help that everyone there already looks like they know exactly what they’re doing and look good while doing it. If you’re unlucky, you’ll also encounter the joys of sweaty gym equipment, messily-arranged weights, and extremely muscular men grunting while pumping iron. Thankfully, there’s something called the home gym — exercising from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Not everyone can afford the luxury of clearing out an entire floor to accommodate clunky machines, which is why brands are now devoting more time to creating functional, space-saving exercise equipment. Traditional space-consuming contraptions are also now smarter in design and functionality, which means that what was once a rack of dumbbells can now be replaced by a single pair.

From a sleek screen that doubles as a personal coach to a turbo trainer that converts your mountain bike into an indoor one, here are the best space-saving exercise equipment to invest in today.