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Achieve a healthy complexion by introducing strawberries into your diet

We know berries and its anti-oxidants are good for health. But did you know strawberries would also make your skin glow?

They’re both red(ish), they’re both berries, and they’re both synonymous with summer, but strawberries and raspberries don’t have the same nutritional qualities or health benefits. Here’s the lowdown on these two tasty summer berries.

Heart-shaped and bright red in color, sweet and juicy strawberries are the perfect companion for a sunny summer’s day. And as well as being tasty, this red fruit also has several health benefits.

Strawberries for skin and eyes 

Your skin will thank you for eating strawberries. This fruit is rich in vitamin C, which helps the body fight skin aging. This powerful antioxidant not only makes skin more radiant, but also helps boost the immune system. In addition, it helps to take care of eyes when faced with the sun’s UV rays, while also helping fight against cataracts. Cosmetics enthusiasts can make a strawberry face scrub and mask by combining the fruit with sugar and olive oil.

Strawberries are also a very good companion for weight loss. Composed of 90% water and with a low sugar content, they’re the perfect snack. With 35 calories per 100 grams, they make a great sweet treat, so long as you don’t top them with whipped cream, for example.

Raspberries for bone health 

Do you have rheumatism? Then raspberries are the fruit for you. The presence of salicylic acid, known for its anti-inflammatory effects, helps take care of bone health. Moreover, the fruit’s antioxidants help treat inflammation and prevent cardiovascular and chronic diseases.

And for vegetarians, this little berry is rich in iron, and can contribute towards your daily intake. To enjoy the benefits of both fruits, why not combine them in a homemade juice or smoothie?

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The story is published via AFP Relaxnews
Achieve a healthy complexion by introducing strawberries into your diet

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