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Make fitness fun again with these Nintendo Switch workout games

Don’t feel like doing boring exercises during the MCO? Make it fun with these Nintendo Switch workout games. It won’t even feel like a drag.

Many would equate playing hours of video games with a hunched back, eyes unblinking, and staring at the screen stock still. Normally that would be the case, but with the right games, you can get your body moving and kill two birds with one stone: play a game and exercise. Remember Dance Dance Revolution with the stepping mat? Those were the days, and now we have something even better: Nintendo Switch workout games.

The humble Nintendo Switch is a versatile gaming device. It doesn’t take up as much space as a console with its portability, yet it can be hooked to a TV for a better gaming experience. The Joy-Cons are also revolutionary, with motion sensing abilities once you remove it from the main device. These Joy-Cons will be at the core of your workout games because you will be gripping them to swing around as you’re playing.

So if you find yourself scarce with motivation to do some burpees or HIIT workouts, try one of these Nintendo Switch workout games to get your heart pumping. It’s fun and you won’t even notice yourself working up a sweat.

However, you won’t find a Ring Fit recommendation below — all the games should and will work perfectly fine with your existing Nintendo Switch setup with no added frills.

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If you spent hours in the arcade during the early 2000s, chances are you’ve seen this classic Japanese game with the massive drums. While you can easily play this drum game with buttons, we recommend using the Joy-Cons as your “drum sticks” to really get in a good arms workout. There are plenty of songs to choose from (and more free ones to obtain when you achieve goals) with different difficulty levels for each song. Play alone, with up to four people, or battle people online to increase your ranking.

Like most Mario games, it’s always best to have more than one person to play with. Otherwise, just yourself is fine too. Mario Tennis Aces is technically an RPG game with a story mode where you travel around the kingdom, brandishing your tennis racquet in place of a sword. You’ll be swinging your Joy-Cons around and doing smashing shots a lot, which will be perfect to move your body around.

A similar style to Taiko no Tatsujin but without all the cutesy animations, Fitness Boxing is a no-frills game with the aim of sharpening those jabs and uppercuts to the beat of pop music. It makes for a fun workout and if you have an extra pair of Joy-Cons, it will be perfect to compete with a second player. Fitness Boxing also incorporates squats, so you’re not just throwing air punches.

Why workout alone when you can make it a party with the people at home? Sports Party is perfect as a group game or with just one player and has various different sports available for your avatar to play with. While not all games are designed for you to move around, there are still some pretty enjoyable ones including golf, frisbee, beach tennis, basketball, and more. What’s different about this game is that you can customise your own avatar complete with outfits.

Of course, we couldn’t miss out a classic: Just Dance. With so many popular hit songs to dance to, this is also a good chance for you to brush up on some moves in anticipation of the day that we can hit the clubs. In the meantime, follow the avatar on-screen and try to keep up with them while gripping your Joy-Cons. Don’t forget to check the in-game calorie counter to see how much you’ve burnt off.

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Now here’s a punching game on the Nintendo Switch that has more layers than just hitting the right notes. ARMS features several character types (each with their own strength attributes) and different punching gloves that also have their own special powers. Unlock them as you go and fight your way through the boxing arena with an opponent. It’s a pretty thrilling game that’s different each time, so you never get bored. You might get tired and sweaty after throwing punches for hours though.

Make fitness fun again with these Nintendo Switch workout games

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