For the uninitiated, sound baths (or sound therapy) is a growing method of healing amongst city dwellers. Sound baths involve having a sound healer play several soothing instruments—usually Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, wind chimes, and crystal bowls—while you close your eyes and immerse yourself in the ‘music’ it produces. Intrigued? Luckily for you, there are places where you can get a sound bath in KL.

First things first: you don’t need to get wet. The whole purpose of a sound bath is to ‘cleanse’ your mind and soul with the hums and vibrations produced by the instruments. You’re essentially bathed in these vibrations as they permeate your mind and body.

You might be familiar with the term ‘good vibrations’. It might be a hippy saying, but each person has their own vibrations—or vibes—that have been produced by their current mental state. According to Alchemie Boutique co-founder Lou Eu in an interview: “By playing particular tunes with the gongs and singing bowls, we introduce to the body different vibrations that help ‘knock’ a person’s current vibes and help tone down their rhythm, which in turn has a calming effect.”

People go for sound baths for different reasons, whether it’s because they’re feeling particularly stressed out or their mental health is in chaos because of a recent traumatic event. It’s not a one cure fits all, but sound therapy can help calm your mind and soul. However, don’t expect to be cured in just one session. While different people may react differently to each session, it is usually recommended that one goes for at least three sessions for optimum results.

Ready to get a soul cleanse? Visit these places that can give you a sound bath in KL.

Alchemie Boutique

Alchemie Boutique is one of the known places for sound baths in KL. Its cosy studio is open by appointment only, so be sure to arrange for one before you go. Inside the dimly lit space is an array of silk hammocks which you can cocoon yourself in while you listen to the calming tunes of the instruments.

(Picture: Facebook/ Alchemie Boutique)

OhanaJo Studio

OhanaJo Studio is perhaps one of the few places in KL where you can try a varying selection of sound therapy sessions. You can try belly dancing with gong healing, yoga fascia flow with a sound bath, and meditation with sound baths too. Just pick your class of choice.

(Picture: OhanaJo Studio)

Scientific Sound Asia

Get your sound healing sessions by certified sound therapist Elizabeth Huxtable, who is also the owner of Scientific Sound Asia. It is a wellness centre that focuses on sound and vibrational therapies to improve people’s health.

(Picture: Facebook/ Scientific Sound Asia)

Sound Healing Salon Hibiki

Sari of Sound Healing Salon Hibiki often conducts sound healing sessions with her New Moon sound bath being one of the most popular sessions. Her delicately coloured crystal bowls will make you feel calmed and right at home, and her pleasant personality will put you in an absolutely positive note.

(Picture: Facebook/ Sound Healing Salon Hibiki)

The Violet Flame KL

The Violet Flame KL calls itself a holistic shop with services catered to the growth of one’s inner-self and soul. Here you can find a variety of sessions and workshops designed to enhance your spiritual growth, including sound bath sessions to calm the chaos in you.

(Picture: Facebook/ The Violet Flame KL)

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