At any regular grocery store, plastic is everywhere. We’re not referring to the plastic carriers you get after purchasing items; it’s the plastic that is wrapped around fruits and vegetables (some even as far as individually wrapped), the bag that holds your dry pasta and even as small as a bag of salt that is also packaged in a plastic bag. While many states in Malaysia have made effort to reduce the use of plastic by banning plastic bags — which is great, but what if you can take it a step further.

Bringing your own reusable bag while you’re out shopping is already one big step on helping the earth, but how about going further by purchasing your kitchen needs and certain lifestyle items that are not packaged in containers or plastic? That is why these zero-waste stores are here.

While shopping at these zero-waste stores in KL may take extra planning of bringing glass jars and containers — it’s worth to save the planet. Did we also mention that it’s actually easier on the wallet when you purchase items from these stores? Time to go shopping.

NUDE The Zero Waste Store

The purpose of NUDE is simple — to educate everyone on how waste is affecting the earth and be here to support waste-free world one step at a time. You’ll be able to find multiple necessities here: washing liquid, 100% natural insect repellent solutions, skincare, dry food and even home-baked dog and cat kibbles.

Frangipani Bulk

With Frangipani, you can forgo anything that’s not sustainable. Single-use products? Never heard of them. Here you can also find lots of variants, but you may noticed certain items such as organic toothpaste, shampoo, soap and deodorants with the store’s logo on them. That’s because the owner, Malika, made them on her own. Frangipani Bulk also ship non-food items to anywhere in Malaysia and Singapore.

The Hive Bulk Store

You may have seen the name at multiple locations, namely Ampang, Bangsar and Petaling Jaya. The Hive Bulk Store is the first zero-waste store to open in Malaysia. The stores hold over 300 bulk whole foods, and that’s not including cleaning products, household products, personal care products, stationeries, bags, containers, and even dog treats.

A Bit Less Bulk Store

Dry food is a norm at these zero-waste stores, but A Bit Less Bulk also offers organic vegetables. And the store did not stop at just providing necessities that are packaged-free, but there are also classes conducted at the store to promote sustainability. Such as natural air freshener and repellent, herbal soap-making and even vegan kimchi making class.


BYOB, also known as Bring Your Own Bottle — where you literally need to bring your own bottle to purchase any of their liquids. It’s a concept detergent store, where common household items, such as shampoo, conditioner, floor cleaners and dish-washing liquids can be found here. BYOB currently has more than 10 locations scattered across East and West Malaysia.

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