So you can’t head out to the gyms for your sweat sessions. Don’t worry, these fitness influencers will keep you motivated.

Although we may have to get creative and think a little outside the, well, gym — there’s plenty of help and inspiration to be found online. If anyone’s really benefitting from this Covid-19 situation, it’s the fitness influencers on Instagram. This is their time to shine.

It certainly won’t be the first time we’ve turned to social media for consolation and entertainment during this strange homebound lifestyle. But exercise isn’t just another thing to do to pass the time during self-isolation. Given that a spread of a disease has caused us all to be in this weird situation in the first place, the physical and mental benefits of working out are now more important than ever. We’re looking to some fun, heart-pumping, and motivating fitness influencers on Instagram to keep us in shape, despite the constant snacking that is inevitable during the quarantine. From pilates instructors to celebrity trainers, these workout experts will be helping us stay in top form through self-isolation and that sedentary #WFH life.

We might not all have private home gyms or fancy exercise equipment to hand, but we do have phones and the internet. These days, isn’t that all you really need? Now use them to get fit and stay healthy. For some fun and effective (and free!) at-home workout videos, go give these guys a follow…

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Shona Vertue

Shona’s workout philosophy is a combination of yoga, strength training, and cardio together to create a routine focused on overall fitness — from muscle building to flexibility. She’s also a personal trainer who’s worked with David Beckham and the cast of Wonder Woman.

Megan Roup

The founder of ‘The Sculpt Society’  uses fun dance moves combined with high-rep toning exercises to get you in great shape. You can either follow her IG account for quick clips of at-home workouts, or get her Sculpt Society app for a more comprehensive selection of her signature workouts.

James Stirling A.K.A. ‘The London Fitness Guy’

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HOW TO IMPROVE BODYWEIGHT WORKOUTS Providing bodyweight workouts has always been my thing, but the biggest challenge is progression Over the coming weeks, it’s important to continue to push yourself further to get the most out of your workout time. 15 squats suddenly become easy, so how do you make it more challenging? 1️⃣TEMPO. Changing the tempo to increase time under tension would be my first tip. Slow movements down, add a PAUSE or a HOLD 2️⃣Vary the rep range. Turn 10 reps into 20 reps to increase the volume 3️⃣Add resistance. A no brainer if you have some equipment and are confident using it. A lot of bodyweight movements can be made more challenging with that added resistance 4️⃣Reduce your rest periods. Cut the rest down, to turn the intensity up 5️⃣Add more sets to increase your work or add other exercises to create supersets 6️⃣Change the position. Foot placement, hand placement. Play around with your position to hit the body part from different angles It’s super important to remember that BODYWEIGHT TRAINING does NOT just mean HIIT You don’t have to finish the session dripping in sweat, if that isn’t the purpose of the session you planned Hope this helps!

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He’s not just any London fitness guy, though.

Kayla Itsines

With one of the biggest social media fitness empires (12.3 million followers), Kayla must be doing something right when it comes to working out effectively. What’s most amazing is that most of her exercises are done simply at home without any equipment. With her inspiring abs and frequent shares of before-and-after photos from her followers, here’s a truly promising way to get a bikini body for, well, whenever we can actually travel somewhere again.

Jordan Syatt

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The next time someone tells you to cut fruit out of your diet because “sugar makes you fat,” I want you to remember how fucking stupid I look in this picture. . And tell them how supremely asinine it is to be scared of eating………..*brace yourself*………fruit. . PS to all the death eaters in the comments…I’m not saying binge eat fruit because, yes, calories always matter. . I‘m saying don’t be scared of eating a naner as part of a healthy diet. . And if you really think fruit is still gonna make you fat, I gotta ask…how many people do you know who have said “you know….it was those fuckin blueberries that packed on those last 50lbs!” . PPS text me —> 617-249-7381 . New workout going out tomorrow at 6pm EST to my Very Important Muggle (VIM) text list and I don’t think you’re gonna be happy if you miss it. . So text me. . 617-249-7381 . . . . . #blueberries #fruit #banana #apple #naners #fruitbowl #grapes #strawberries #melon #watermelon #berries #diet #dieting #dietplan #nutrientdense #vitamins #minerals #potassium #caloriecounting #calories #macros #carbs #carbohydrates #preworkout #preworkoutmeal

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What we love about Jordan’s Instagram (apart from the killer quarantine-adapted workouts for people at home), is that he’s also both knowledgable and super funny. He’ll also post myth-busters and tips on weight-loss and fitness as well as very relatable “stay at home” memes. If you have specific questions, he’ll also take the time to respond to all his messages.

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