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How to be your healthiest self with the new Fitbit Charge 2

Real talk: keeping your mind, body and soul in check can be difficult, especially in this ever-faster pace of life. That’s when we decided to test out the new Fitbit Charge 2, whether it’s hitting the gym, sleeping or simply in need of a breather.

The new Fitbit Charge 2 raises the bar in the wearable tech world with new analytics to up your fitness game, and more accurate and multi-sport tracking. Fitbit has also introduced exciting new features such as guided breathing sessions, cardio fitness levels and reminders to move 250 steps every hour (goodbye, couch potato!). Most of your standard Fitbit features are included, like continuous heart rate tracking, automatic sleep tracking and stats, and a clever silent alarm.

Fitbit Charge 2
The Fitbit Charge 2 sports amazing new features: multi-sport tracking, cardio fitness level score, guided breathing sessions and interchangeable bands.

Think you’re like us and need a fitness sidekick? Here’s how the all-new Fitbit Charge 2 can help you be your healthiest self, from workouts to nap times.

Reach your target with Cardio Fitness Score

By increasing your exercise frequency and intensity, and by reaching a healthier weight, you may see your score go up in the Fitbit app over time.

If you’ve noticed that exercising more and watching your diet hasn’t helped you reach your weight goals, Fitbit has introduced a new feature called “Cardio Fitness Level”, which allows you to see a snapshot of your fitness level using a personalized Cardio Fitness Score.

Stored in the heart rate section of the Fitbit app, your score is an estimation of your VO2 Max (the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use when you’re working out at your hardest), which is widely accepted as one of the highest standard measurement of cardiovascular fitness. Using your Cardio Fitness Score, Fitbit provides an easier way to understand where you stand with a fitness level rating based on your age range and gender (from poor to excellent).

Keeping calm & carry on

Guided breathing sessions is exclusively available on Fitbit Charge 2.

Your exercise is only as good as your down time. With some moments of calm taken throughout the day, deep breathing has been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce stress and lessen anxiety. These breaths need deep, slow and even to take effect – which is why Fitbit has introduced guided breathing sessions based on your real-time heart rate, to determine a comfortable breathing rate for you.

You can choose from two-minute or five-minute sessions that display biofeedback and animations and use vibrations to help you align each inhale and exhale with the guide.

See your progress on-the-go

Fitbit Charge 2
Fitbit Charge 2 allows you to see the whole picture of your physical and wellbeing by continuously tracking all-day activity, exercise and sleep.

There’s nothing more motivating than seeing your progress in numbers. Fitbit Charge 2 offers precise exercise modes that provide real-time exercise stats, helping you stay focused and to get the most from every sweat session; this includes multi-sport modes for tracking specific workouts like runs, biking, weights, yoga, and interval workout mode, which guides you in alternating periods of high-intensity exercise and recovery to maximize workouts like circuit training.

It’s also really satisfying to see how much you’ve been doing the whole day, with Fitbit’s automatic, all-day activity tracking. The Charge 2 includes connected GPS, which links your fitness tracker to the GPS in your smartphone to provide even more accurate real-time stats like pace and distance. There’s also the new SmartTrack auto exercise recognition, which automatically tracks select exercises, including walks, runs, bike rides, treadmill exercise, sports, and aerobic workouts, and records in the Fitbit app.

Wear it all day, everyday   

Fitbit Charge 2
Special edition trackers come in lavender and 22k rose gold, with a classy beveled diamond texture.

For something that has to be worn constantly, Fitbit made sure it looks better than ever so you’ll want to keep it on. The wristband is sleek, stylish and sweat-proof, with 4 colours to choose from the Classic Collection: black, plum, blue, and teal. Dress for the occasion with their more upscale, premium bands made from genuine leather, available in blush pink, brown, and indigo.

Go full luxe with Fitbit’s Special Edition Series, featuring a rugged and refined matte-black gunmetal design paired with a beveled, black Classic band, and a sophisticated rose gold tracker with a quilted, lavender Classic band.

Ready to take on 2017 with your new fitness companion? Get moving with the new Fitbit Charge 2 on  www.fitbit.com/my/charge2.

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