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How to find the right sports bra, according to Atilia Haron and Linora Low

One is a yoga enthusiast while the other goes heavy on the weights. Atilia Haron and Linora Low may be interested in two completely different fitness regimes but both share an issue that most women face: choosing the right sports bra.

You may think that choosing one can’t possibly be that difficult. Just pick the style and colour you like, and cart it out. But like any other garment, it’s not a “one size fits all”. The one you picked may be the best-looking one in store, but may not exactly be the comfiest or is able to keep up to your specific workout routine.

Hence the reason why we sought for Atilia and Linora’s advice. We got them to share their insights on how to choose the right sports bra, which may be relatable to your own workout regime.

Check out the full interview below.

What do you mainly look for when it comes to selecting a sports bra?

Atilia Haron (AH): For me, I look for both style and comfort. I love matching my sports bra with my overall workout ensemble.

Linora Low (LL): The three main things that I look for when picking a sports bra: comfort, support, and design. For me, the sports bra has to provide me with good support when I go out and about with daily activities and when I hit the gym.

A sports bra that provides support is a must for Linora Low for her high impact workouts.


What is your process of choosing a sports bra like?

AH: I will look for something that matches everything; from my top and bottom to even the footwear.

LL: I will pick a design that I like, then look into the support which the sports bra provides. When trying out the sports bra, I’ll look into the straps so that they don’t bite into my shoulders, there’s enough breathing room underneath the band, ensuring that there isn’t too much bulge around my underarm area, and making sure that it doesn’t move even when I do light movements.

In your opinion, why is it important to have the right sports bra type?

AH: It is important for me to have the right sports bra so that I can wear it all day and be comfortable without having to worry about constantly changing my sports bra.

LL: Ladies, you should definitely care because the right sports bra will prevent your breasts from sagging. Gravity, unfortunately, will have a say on our bodies. This is also to avoid stretch marks and neck pain. It is important to pick the right sports bra for the different types of training.

Atilia Haron looks for a sports bra that supports flexibility.
What is the most important thing to look out for when you’re trying on a sports bra in the changing room?

AH: As I practice yoga, I’ll look for a sports bra that gives me flexibility. I’ll stretch a lot like doing forward folds and reaching out my arms over my head to try out the sports bra in the fitting room.

LL: For me, being able to breathe comfortably and not to have the sisters bouncing too much is key. The main thing is to ensure that they are nicely in place without too much bouncing. I would mimic the usual moves as I do at the gym when I’m in the changing room. You are the only one watching anyway. I would personally practice jump squats, jogging on the spot or doing high knees.

What is your personal favourite sports bra from Under Armour?

AH: My personal favourite sports bra would be the Under Armour RUSH Sports Bra.

LL: My ultimate favourite sports bra is the Under Amour Wordmark Strappy Sports Bralette Bra.
Why? Because it is super comfy and doesn’t bite into my shoulders. It has a stylish look which holds my chest in place for my training, predominantly weight training, with some occasional plyometrics.

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