After a while, your daily workout regime tends to be mundane and repetitive. The only way to get yourself motivated again is to find something new. If you’re looking for new ways to shake up your fitness routine or have too much energy to get rid off before calling it a day, why not give CrossFit training a go?

CrossFit is a form of training that combines strength workout, functional exercises, and movements that promote mobility and flexibility. It is a form of HIIT (high intensity interval training) but incorporating weight bars, cardio machines, medicine balls, heavy ropes, and more. It is with CrossFit that you also learn how to lift properly and get the benefits like muscle growth as well as strengthening from weight lifting. It is the best proven way to shed some pounds too.

Here’s where you can start motivating yourself again to train harder and effectively at these seven CrossFit boxes in KL.

(Featured image: CrossFit Pahlawan / District 13)

CrossFit Vidatha

CrossFit Vidatha is proof that anyone can take part in CrossFit training regardless of age and fitness level. If you’re the kind who wants to squeeze in a quick workout during lunch, there is the CrossFit Quick class — it is a 45-minute total body workout that helps you sweat it out especially during days when you just want to let off steam.

Grit Nation

Fuelled by sheer passion for CrossFit, nine friends who met through CrossFit set up Grit Nation to provide a functional training facility in Subang Jaya. The fitness centre provides strength and conditional classes, as well as dedicated studio classes to help you work on your flexibility and mobility.

DailyMuscle Lighthouse

If you no longer enjoy your workouts and have to force yourself to the gym, DailyMuscle is where you can change up your routine and make your fitness journey fun again. The fitness centre also helps you plan your fitness journey and is known for effective results especially for those who are seeking to lose weight — there are many success stories to prove. The workout regime here can be very addictive but rewarding.

CrossFit Pahlawan

Training starts as early at 6.00am at CrossFit Pahlawan, that is located on the rooftop of Citta Mall Ara Damansara. The box features an expansive space that allows members to perform all sorts of workout regimes. Get your daily WOD fixed and finish off with a Metcon (short for metabolic conditioning). There’s also a CrossFit Kids Program if you’d like to have some bonding time with the kids exercising. Here, you’re in good hands as each workout session is guided by a passionate group of coaches.

District 13

Located inside a former warehouse in the industrial Sek 13 Petaling Jaya, District 13 is where you get down and dirty with your workout. The CrossFit sessions are carried out in large groups, ensuring that you’ll be motivated and pumped up throughout your WOD. There’s ample space for you to flip tyres, perform alternate sprints and even do handstand walks.

Fuel Athletics

Fuel Athletics has a wide range of classes ranging from beginner to advance, as well as the more serious Olympic lifting courses. There’s a playing field outside the CrossFit box in Bukit Damansara, so you’ll be able to occasionally workout outdoors during your training there. Take your training to the next level with a strict workout programme that promises a rewarding fitness journey — if that’s what you’re aiming for.

CrossFit Lah

CrossFit Lah is located in the heart of Bangsar and is the perfect place for you to get some workout done before refuelling yourself at these new restaurants and cafes in the neighbourhood. If you’re new to CrossFit, check out its workout programme that combines strength, mobility and conditioning training. First timers can choose lighter weights and perform less complex movements, but once you’re used to the training, you’ll be pushed to your limits for maximum results.

Martin Teo
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