Nike has always been at the frontier, whether it’s for inclusivity or sustainability.

It hasn’t been that long since Nike’s Space Hippie shoes hit the market (and sold out within minutes), but the sportswear conglomerate’s back in the sustainability game again.

Nike Space Hippie 01 sneaker. (Image credit: Nike)

This time, however, the focus has shifted from “space junk”-inspired footwear to classic apparel pieces, proving that Nike’s efforts towards a zero-carbon and waste future aren’t solely reserved for Hypebeast-approved kicks.

Launched as part of Nike’s Move to Zero journey, the apparel will see plenty of mileage in your feel-good wardrobe, whether you’re looking to hit the gym or head for a grocery run. The capsule’s commitment starts with the fabric, which includes a blend of recycled polyester with sustainable cotton and fleece made from pre-industrial waste yarn from previous seasons’ scraps. 

(Image credit: Nike)

The fabrics are kept undyed so less water and chemicals are used in the manufacturing process, leaving a cool greyish hue that’ll pair well with everything else you already have. Even the small details like the graphics, drawcords, and zippers are made from Nike Grind, a diverse palette of materials — think leather, foam, rubber and textile blends — that have been recovered from the footwear manufacturing process. To ensure that these recycled fabrics aren’t subjected to unnecessary waste once more, Nike has also employed a 90-percent pattern efficiency on the cutting floor.

The Revival collection will see gender-neutral take on classic silhouettes, with styles including full-zip hoodies, T-shirts, joggers, and shorts. 

Here are some of our favourite pieces to add to your sustainable wardrobe now.

Nike Sportswear Hoodie

Cut with a structured but relaxed fit, this hoodie will take you through the paces of everyday life effortlessly. Nike’s unique approach to blending at least 90 percent recycled and organic materials has resulted in the speckled French Terry detail and smooth feel for maximum comfort and style. 

Nike Sportswear Shorts

The not-so-distant cousin to the sweatpant has seen a revival this year thanks in part to unpredictable times and even more unpredictable weather. These sweatshorts come crafted in the same fabric and can be worn high-waisted with a crop top or low on the hips if you’re looking to channel insouciant swag.

Nike Sportswear Dress

If you’ve been searching for the best way to stay cool this summer, we don’t blame you. Having your oversized T-shirt double up as a dress is one of the easiest ways of staying comfy without dropping a sweat. Nike has clearly jumped on this bandwagon here; the longer, structured version of the capsule’s T-shirt sees a Swoosh that’s rendered with recycled French terry fleece, highlighting the collection’s commitment to merging creativity with sustainability.

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Singapore.

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