We might not be able to travel anywhere soon, but don’t put your suitcases away just yet.

Celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser has teamed up with Tumi to show us how we can use them as gym equipment as part of our at-home workouts during the current period of stay-at-home orders.

Anna, who famously trains singer Shakira, took to Instagram on the weekend with two Tumi suitcases to show her followers how they can be incorporated into a workout as a handy piece of gym equipment.

With six different movements, which Anna says should be done for eight to ten reps each and repeated four times, or in the case of cardio for a duration of one-minute, the exercises make a complete workout for keeping fit at home. And as she says you can switch up the order of the exercises every time, mixing up strength and cardio and it offers a new challenge every time with easy-to-find equipment in the form of suitcases if you didn’t have a chance to go out and buy gym accessories before confinement.


This article is published via AFP Relaxnews.

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