Running a marathon is challenging, but always feels worth it in the end because there’s that immense sense of accomplishment and — of course — bragging rights.

Preparing for the big race, however, requires even more hard work and effort. It’s crucial to gradually build up mileage in the months leading up to the marathon, to get one’s body accustomed to running for a prolonged period of time. This can be done simply by slowly increasing the distance that one covers, on a weekly basis. And naturally, in the weeks leading up to the actual event, it’s advisable to do a few “dry runs” by running in the shoes and attire one plans to use on the day itself.

Important as it is, the training period can be rather gruelling and dull. Running laps around the same track or route can be pretty boring, even if you’re plugged in to your favourite Spotify playlist. To make the process more enjoyable, we suggest taking your run to a park, where you can build up your stamina while admiring the scenery. There’s something oddly calming about passing through lush greenery and flowers, anyway.

To get you started, we’ve put together a guide to 3 beautiful parks in Kuala Lumpur to consider for your next training session.